Lunchtime News Monday 25th May 2021


Sniffer dogs used to detect covid - According to research published on Monday dogs can be trained to detect more than 90 percent of Covid-19 infections. The news could mean fewer travellers having to quarantine.  Overall, the dogs were successfully able to identify between 94 and 82 percent of SARS-CoV-2 samples. Dogs are already in use to help detect covid but this research is the first to try to measure just how effective sniffer dogs are compared to PCR tests.

Didier Raoult claims that "people who have just received covid vaccination are at greater risk" - French Professor Didier Raoult infectious disease specialists in Marseille, has claimed in a recent video that “people who have just received a covid vaccination are at greater risk of being infected with the disease”. Raoult is known for his controversial medical claims, and for publishing online videos on his latest work or theories. The Professor came to public attention in particular at the start of the pandemic, when his work on the Covid ‘treatment’ hydroxychloroquine hit the headlines.

Monaco opens vaccination to 35-44-year olds - Monaco has announced the opening of vaccination against covid to 35-44-year olds this week. From today Tuesday 25th May, a letter will be sent by the government to Monegasques and residents of the Principality, urging them to contact the vaccination center to make an appointment. Depending on availability, the first vaccines could be administered as early as the weekend at the vaccination centre at the Grimaldi Forum.

In mid-April, when vaccination had been opened to 45-55-year olds, more than 700 reservations were made in the following hours. Only the Pfizer vaccine has been administered in the Principality since the start of the health crisis. For more information you can contact the covid call centre on or visit

Meanwhile no new cases of covid were reported in the Principality on Monday May 24th. The total number of residents affected since the beginning of the health crisis stands at 2,501. Two non-residents are in hospital and 7 people are being followed by the Home Monitoring Centre.

In other news 

French group Total to change name - One of the world’s biggest energy companies, French group Total is preparing to change its name to TotalEnergies to signal its diversification towards cleaner energy sources. Founded in 1924 as the Compagnie francaise des petroles, the group is set to propose the new name on May 28th during a shareholders’ general assembly. Total has begun to invest more in solar and wind power, but it is under pressure to do more as climate issues rise closer to the top of investors’ agendas. This year, Total plans to devote more than 20 percent of its investment budget to renewable energy sources as well as electricity.

Karim Benzarma relishes his return to play for the Blues - Footballer Karim Benzarma has said that “within a few minutes everything was back to normal with Didier Deschamps” as the Real Madrid striker relishes his return to France’s team. Benzema says he is "proud" to have been chosen for the Euro after five years of absence.

The Blues will meet from this Wednesday in Clairefontaine to prepare for the Euro, with a first match against Germany scheduled for June 15th, in Munich.



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