Lunchtime News Monday 24th January 2022


New pill against covid reportedly available this week in France - A new pill against covid has been approved by France's high health authority and will reportedly be available this week. Paxlovid, made by American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, can reduce the risk of serious forms of Covid or death by around 85.2%. The treatment is also reported to be effective against the Omicron variant.

Monaco not to introduce vaccine pass - Meanwhile as France replaces the health pass with a vaccine pass from today Monday January 24th, Monaco has confirmed that it will not be following suite and that the current health pass required in the Principality will be maintained. However, the vaccination pass will be required for residents crossing the border. According to latest figures 70% of the population in Monaco have completed a full vaccination scheme.

Urban rodeo in Apt - Two motorcyclists have been seriously injured after a head on collision while participating in an urban rodeo on Sunday afternoon in Apt in the Vauclause. Aged 16 and 19 the two victims were airlifted to hospital in Marseille. Firefighters say they were traveling at high speed at the time of the collision. Urban rodeo is a practice which consists of racing at high speed in the middle of a town, by car, scooter or motorcycle. The offense is punishable with a one year prison sentence and a 15,000 euros fine.

Robbery in Cannes - A British tourist has been the victim of a robbery in Cannes. The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon while the tourist was seated at a restaurant terrace. According to local media two people on a scooter drove past snatching the luxury watch from the man.

Digital employment week - From today Monday 24th January, the Alpes Maritimes employment agency "Pole emploi" is organising its 4th week of "Digital employment". The week is based on actions to discover the diversity of digital professions and the training to access them. Recent figures for the region have shown a worrying shortage of candidates in this sector despite a rise in job offers. The demand has risen in the sector with the rise of e-commerce and the influence of social networks yet 75% of employers in the Alpes Maritimes say they have difficulty recruiting. To find out more go to

Bal de la Rose postponed – Organisers have announced that due to the health situation the Bal de la Rose, due to take place on March 19th will be postponed to July 8th. The exceptional event brings together the elite and international high society for the first major social event of the year. For one evening, it illuminates the Principality with splendour and light, plunging it into an atmosphere of brilliance and celebration. For the last two years the event has been cancelled due to covid.

Former chief of staff under French president Nicolas Sarkozy handed new prison sentence - Claude Guent, former chief of staff of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, has been handed a new prison sentence, adding to a long list of convictions stemming from the right-winger's 2007-2012 term in office. Gueant who is considered one of Sarkozy's closest confidants, went on trial in October along with four other aides and allies over accusations they misused public money while ordering public opinion polls worth a combined 7.5 million euros. Gueant, who is already serving a prison sentence for a separate offence, was handed a one-year prison sentence by a court in Paris with a requirement to serve a minimum of eight months. He has announced an appeal against the sentence.

Emmanuel Macron to visit the Creuse today - Meanwhile French President Emmanuel Macron is to visit the Creuse today. Macron who has still not announced his candidature for re-election in France's Presidential election in April will be accompanied by several ministers. The visit of the Head of State will begin with a visit to an agricultural school followed by an exchange with high school students and young people involved in the sector. This afternoon the President will visit a health centre in the region.

And Finally

It may have the largest walled centre and longest run of medieval defences in England but it also has the worst bosses. In a recent survey Norwich has been named as the city with the worst bosses in the UK, with 4 in 10 workers saying they have a manager from hell. Almost half the Norwich workers said they had left a job solely because they could no longer stand working for their manager. Leeds had the next highest proportion of horrible bosses, followed by Bristol, Stoke-on-Trent Cambridge and Cardiff.




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