Lunchtime News Monday 23rd August 2021


Weather warning - The Alpes-Maritimes has been placed on a yellow weather alert with thunderstorms forecast inland from 2pm to 8pm this evening. The alert concerns in particular the valleys of Vésubie, Roya, Tinée and Haut-Var. According to Meteo France the expected rainfall could reach between 10 and 20mm locally.

Mayor of Nice calls for sanctions following football match - The mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi has called for sanctions following the OGC Nice-Marseille match. Estrosi said that “such violence is intolerable" and called for "sanctions" from the Professional Football League after the match was interrupted.

In a tweet this morning the mayor said that "If the behaviour of some fans was unacceptable, he also questions that of the president of OM who was also in the stand and that of the coach” adding that “he wanted to salute the irreproachable behaviour of the players and the coach of OGC Nice”.

In the stand, Longoria and the president of Nice Jean-Pierre Rivère almost came to blows. "They grabbed each other by the collar and the bodyguards had to separate them,"

Research on covid - Researchers in France have said that one in five people with severe forms of Covid has a genetic issue that stops their cells from fighting against the virus. The results are shown in two new studies which have been cited by the Paris hospital group.

In a statement, the Assistance publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) highlighted two new studies on the subject. Both were published in scientific journal Science Immunology. 

They are the result of international collaboration, including researchers from national medical institute l’Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (Inserm), the University of Paris, and the human genetics lab of infectious diseases at the AP-HP.

Monaco declares four new cases - In Monaco four new cases of covid were declared on Sunday August 22nd, bringing the total number of residents affected to 3,133. Seventeen people are in hospital and 59 are being followed by the Home Monitoring Centre.

Health pass extended in Monaco from today - As a reminder, from today Monday 23rd August, the health pass is to be extended in the Principality to enter restaurants and bars for residents and employees of the Principality aged over 18. Given the lower risk of contamination outdoors, the health pass will not be required for Monegasques, residents and employees wishing to sit on the fully open terrace of a restaurant or bar. In addition, an extra month has been granted to younger people: Monegasques, residents or schoolchildren in the Principality aged 16 and 17 will not be required to present a health pass to access restaurants and bars between now and September 23rd. 

And Finally

When the customer isn’t always right. People have flooded mums net with stories of their experience of ridiculous complaints while working in customer service.  

One said 'I think my all-time favourite was the man who wanted a refund on his digital camera because he couldn't fit everyone he wanted into his photo, I had to gently suggest that he try taking a step back’.

Another person revealed they dealt with someone who didn't want to pay for their TV licence because 'they didn't actually watch the television, they just had it on as 'company for their pet parrot'. 

One also revealed that an unreasonable customer threatened to issue a complaint after they were asked to leave the store when the fire alarm was going off.

However, one user joked that their husband was once the unreasonable customer, admitting: 'My husband can be a right moaner”. 'On one holiday he complained to a member of hotel staff that the "birds tweeted too loudly in the morning". 




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