Lunchtime News Monday 16th November 2020


Nice hospital recruits in the face of Covid-19 - Nice University Hospital has launched a recruitment campaign in order to deal with the second wave of Covid-19.

The hospital hopes to increase its team in order to deal with the region’s Covid-19 patients. Launched on their Facebook page more than 150 position are available and according to the hospital they “need to be filled as soon as possible”.

Scientific Centre of Monaco inaugurates P3 laboratory – Meanwhile HSH Prince Albert of Monaco has this morning inaugurated the brand new P3 laboratory at the Scientific Center of Monaco here on the port of Monaco.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art machinery, the new equipment will significantly increase PCR testing capacities in the fight against Covid-19 in the Principality.

In partnership with Roche the Scientific Centre of Monaco’s goal is to speed up the time in which results for Covid-19 testing are available in the Principality, to also be completely independent from testing facilities in neighbouring regions and to be able in the future, to have access for testing and medical research into any future viruses.

Riviera Radio’s Sarah Lycett spoke to the President of the Scientific Centre Professor Rampal. To hear the interview with Professor Rampal tune in tomorrow morning to the full English breakfast show from 7-10 on Riviera Radio. 

Terror attack on Paris train - The trial of those accused of organising a foiled terror attack on a Paris train is set to open in France. The four suspects face charges of attempted terrorist murder and complicity.

The principal suspect was tackled by passengers after emerging heavily armed from a toilet on a Thalys Amsterdam-Paris high-speed train on 21 August 2015.

The 31-year-old, who joined the Islamic State group in Syria in May 2015, is charged with "attempted terrorist murder" and will be joined in the dock at the special anti-terror court by three other men accused of helping him.

The passengers included two off-duty US servicemen, whose actions were later made into a film by Hollywood director Clint Eastwood.

Emmanuel Macron angered by Anglo-Saxon media - French President Emmanuel Macron has accused Anglo-Saxon media of "legitimizing" violence by their treatment of the fight against radical Islamism in France.

Several articles and columns published in the English-speaking press in recent weeks had already angered the Elysée, and some have been unpublished.

Emmanuel Macron reportedly does not appreciate the portrait of France painted by some Anglo-Saxon  media, and its policy in fighting terrorism and radical Islamism. In an article published by the New York Times on Sunday, November 15, journalist Ben Smith writes that he received a call from Emmanuel Macron submitting a complaint arguing that "the Anglo-American press preferred to denounce the French integration system rather than those who committed a series of murderous attacks that began on October 16 with the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty ".

The Elysee Palace had notably expressed its anger at the beginning of November over a column published by the Financial Times. After a call from the presidency and complaints from readers, the British newspaper unpublished the text, entitled "Macron's war against Islamic separatism only increases divisions in France”.

Meeting to dicuss French sport and Coivd-19 - Meanwhile Emmanuel Macron is set to meet with the sports industry on Tuesday in a video meeting to discuss the economic consequences of the health situation and to help French sport cope with Covid-19.

In recent days, the former leader of the French basketball team and owner of ASVEL Tony Parker has demanded support from the state. Saying in one interview that "we really have the feeling of not being taken seriously, we are talking about an envelope of 110 million euros for all sport, but it will not be enough to save amateur and professional sport" adding that "This is too little compared to the 2 billion which has been mentioned for Culture. "


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