lunchtime News Friday 7th August 2020


Covid-19 - The regional health agency for the Bouches-du-Rhones has announced that the number of new cases diagnosed positive for Covid-19 in the past seven days is increasing adding that the department is moving from the "limited" to "moderate" vulnerability level.

The prefecture of the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region specifies that "in recent days, signs of a resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic has been observed in the Bouches-du-Rhône department".

Authorities say that the acceleration of the circulation of the virus is greater among 20-40-year old’s adding that this phenomenon could be linked to festive events in establishments such as bars and clubs.

The number of people diagnosed with Covid-19 has increased by more than 30% in one week in France. Emmanuel Macron announced on Thursday that a new defense council on Covid-19 would be held "next week".

National Education - France’s Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports has published a new health protocol for the start of the school year in September to fight against the coronavirus. The new protocol, written on July 9th, and validated by the health authorities, was sent to academies on July 20th. In it is the notable relaxation of some "rules relating to social distancing ". The ministry specifies, however, that "the measures to be taken will require taking into account the specific context of each school or establishment".

The goal they say is to welcome all students. "In closed spaces physical distancing is no longer compulsory when it is not physically possible or does not accommodate all of the students ", indicates the new health protocol. But the ministry specifies however that "the spaces are organized so as to maintain the greatest possible distance between pupils".

The new protocol also affirms that "the limitation of mixing between classes and groups of pupils is no longer compulsory", including in school transport. That said, a close eye is kept on "arrivals and departures to limit as much as possible the groupings of students and / or parents".

On the other hand, "students over 11 years old must wear a protective mask in enclosed and outdoor spaces, when the distance of one meter cannot be guaranteed. In kindergarten, wearing a mask is no longer compulsory for teachers during lessons.

The new protocol confirms that the disinfectant cleaning of surfaces "most frequently touched by pupils and staff" will be carried out "at least once a day", as will "cleaning of floors and large surfaces". This makes it possible to authorize once again "access to games, benches and outdoor collective spaces".

The seven-page document "is based on the advice issued by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health in view of the opinions issued by the High Council of Public Health, on July 7". 

Shows from 15th August - One of the main concert producers in France Pierre-Alexandre Vertadier has strongly criticized the decision allowing shows of more than 5,000 people to be authorized again in France from August 15th, calling the measure ‘hypocritical”.

The authorisation comes under strict conditions including the ban on a standing audience and a free seat between each group of spectators.

Former president of the Cannes Film Festival Pierre Viot has died - Pierre Viot who had been the president of the Cannes Film Festival for more than 15 years, has died at the age of 95. Viot was elected in 1985 to the presidency of the Cannes Film Festival, replacing Robert Favre Le Bret.

Pierre Viot work goes beyond the Cannes film festival having served 75 years to culture notably his "phenomenal" work at the CNC where "he chaired the new dynamic of financing cinema".



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