Lunchtime News Friday 6th August 2021


French President urges the French to get vaccinated in latest video post - French President Emmanuel Macron has posted a video on social media urging people to get vaccinated. In the post the Head of State said that “freedom is only valid if the freedom of others is preserved" adding that "our freedom is to be able to live and exercise our choices, but it is worth nothing if by exercising our freedoms we contaminate our brother, our neighbour, our friend, our relative, someone we will meet during an event. It is no longer to be free; it is to become irresponsible. It is a question of citizenship; it is the very pact of a Nation. Get yourself vaccinated also if you love your loved ones, your friends, your brothers, your sisters and your parents, because by getting yourself vaccinated, you also protect them”.

The president also thanked all professions which will be subject to implementing the health pass, for "the efforts required of them".

Calls to demonstrate following decision from Constitutional Council - Meanwhile following the Constitutional Council’s decision to extend the health pass, there have been calls to demonstrate across France tomorrow Saturday 7th August. On Thursday following the announcement several hundred anti-health pass protesters gathered near the headquarters of the institution, in the center of Paris, chanting slogans such as "liberty, liberty" or "Macron we don't want your pass ".

Last weekend, protests against the health pass saw more than 200,000 people demonstrate, according to the Interior Ministry.

Pharmacies overwhelmed by requests for covid test -Pharmacies in France say there are already overwhelmed by requests for covid tests and fear the situation “will only get worse” due to the extension of the health pass. Pharmacies, where many French people go to do antigen and PCR tests, are already saturated with calls and appointments to obtain the health pass, even ahead of its extension to cafes and restaurants.

Nearly four million tests for Covid, antigen and PCR, were carried out between July 27th and August 2nd. A record in France since the start of the epidemic, a direct consequence of the implementation of the health pass in museums, cinemas and campsites, among others. From Monday, August 9, trains, restaurants and bars will have to be added to the list.

Local elected official faces criticism following video on Facebook - A number of elected officials have dissociated themselves from the comments made by locally elected ecologist Jean Marc Governatori describing his words as “unacceptable”. In a video posted on his facebook account Governatori, claims that the covid vaccination "will produce diseases" such as cancer. The video of the elected Nice municipal official has reportedly greatly embarrassed his party the EELV.

International beer day - Today marks international beer day and figures published have shown that France is one of the only countries to have increased its beer production in 2020. French beer production did better in 2020, increasing by 3% compared to the previous year.

Despite 2020 being marked by the health crisis, French beer increased last year, to 2.13 billion liters, compared to 2.07 a year earlier (+ 3%), according to figures communicated by Eurostat.

While France is the EU's fourth largest exporter of beer, it is above all the leading importer with 835 million liters imported in 2020, or 16% of total EU imports. It is ahead of Germany (683 million liters, 13%), Italy (611 million liters, 12%) and the Netherlands (564 million liters, 11%).

The EU's largest non-European supplier is the United Kingdom (268 million liters of British beer imported in 2020, 51% of extra EU imports). But if we take into account the fact that the British were still members of the internal market last year, it is Mexico that stands out as the leading non-European beer exporter to the EU (95 million liters, 18% of European imports).

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