Lunchtime News Friday 5th November 2021


Fréjus - It's been a tense night in the Gabelle district in Fréjus, in the Var after a mini-excavator and a car were set on fire during the night from Thursday to Friday. The firefighters and the police had to intervene after several fires of urban equipment and vehicles were started by young individuals. It is not the first time that the area has witnesses violence vandalism at night, which is becoming a regular occurrence.

Pensioner scammed by fake financial adviser - A pensioner has been scammed by a fake financial adviser who will appear in court next February. The 70-year-old who lives in Golfe-Juan had been approached by the crook posing as a financial adviser, over the phone. Police have warned the public to be vigilant.

New camera to capture noise in Mougins - A new camera is soon to be installed in Mougins to capture noise. Work is currently underway on avenues du Golf and avenues de la Valmasque, in Mougins. The objective is to improve the quality of life in the area for local residents.

Education minister in Nice - France's education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer will be in Nice today Friday, November 5th. The minister's trip will focus on adult education. Blanquer will visit the Eucalyptus High School in the early afternoon, after a lunch at the town hall, where he will visit the electrical engineering and car maintenance workshops.

Moovia on strike - Moovia, a subsidiary of Transdev has announced strike action in Nice. Since Thursday, November 4, the enforcement officers of Moovia, have stopped issuing fines for non-payment of parking. A meeting with the director of human resources is announced for today, Friday 5th November.

France's oldest prisoner could be released from prison today - France's oldest prisoner, Tommy Recco, a serial killer who in 1980 murdered an 11-year-old girl, her father and neighbour in the Var region after having shot dead three cashiers in Béziers three weeks earlier has had his request for release rejected by the court. Aged 87 and imprisoned in Corsica, Recco recently made his 21st request for release. The decision was announced on Thursday 4th November. Recco has been incarcerated for 41 years for two triple murders committed in December 1989 in the Hérault, and in January 1980 in the Var. France's oldest detainee had filed a request last month for remission of his sentence on health issues.




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