Lunchtime News Friday 25th March 2022


British Base Jumper dies after parachute fails to open - A British Base jumper has died after his parachute failed to open in time during a cliff jump while on holiday in the south of France. The 34-year-old man died from his injuries at Grenoble university hospital after Tuesday’s accident. Police have launched an investigation to determine what caused the accident.

Carros opens psychological unit following death of deputy mayor - The town hall of Carros in the Alpes Maritimes has opened a psychological unit for its inhabitants and the employees of the town council, following the death of its first deputy mayor Yvan Remond. Fifty-year-old Remond was found dead from a bullet wound on Wednesday afternoon after allegedly taking his own life.

Pécresse suggests welcoming Ukrainian refuges in seized villas and yachts - The leader of the Republican party in France Valérie Pécresse has suggested welcoming Ukrainian refugees in the villas or on yachts of Russian oligarchs which have been seized by the government. Pécresse put forward the proposal on Thursday saying that the move would have “panache” and would allow for transparency about the sanctions concerning property and yachts.

Discounts at the petrol pump this weekend - To attract customers to their hypermarkets and supermarkets, Carrefour, Casino and Auchan are offering discounts this weekend on petrol. 15 cents off a litre at Carrefour, 1 euro a litre at Casino and a voucher of 6 euros for the purchase of 30 litres at Auchan. The three brands will make the gesture in favour of motorists facing the rise in prices at the petrol pump. The operation carried out in 244 service stations will be valid this weekend as well as next weekend. All fuels are concerned, including bioethanol. 

Property tax to increase in Toulon - Property tax, known as the taxe foncière, is set to increase in the Toulon in the Var. The announcement at the city council on Thursday has been met with strong criticism. It is indeed the first time in twelve years that there has been an increase in the tax which will affect homeowners with a jump from 4 to 5%.

Sweeteners are associated with a hight risk of cancer - According to an Inserm study the consumption of sweeteners is associated with a higher risk of cancer. French researchers conducted a study on more than 10,000 people between 2009 and 2021. Sweeteners which give a little sweet taste to food, while reducing their added sugar content are consumed on a daily by millions of people. But according to a study carried out by researchers from Inserm, Inrae, Cnam and Paris-Sorbonne University these food additives are associated with an increased risk of cancers, in particular breast cancer and cancers linked to obesity.

Jazz à Juan - Organisers of “Jazz à Juan” have announced this year’s line-up including Paul Anka, George Benson and John Legend. It had already been announced that Herbie Hancock and Van Morrison will be performing at the Jazz Festival with tickets going on sale on March 31st. The festival runs from July 6th to the 19th.

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