Lunchtime News Friday 19th June 2020

Gunshots fired in Nice - Gunshots have been fired this morning in the Moulins district of Nice.

Part of the Moulins district has been cordoned off following the incident, with police searching the area for possible victims. Identity checks are being carried out. The area has been the scene of several attempted murders since the end of March.

Dijon – Meanwhile in Dijon after several days of confrontation, calm has returned and a major police operation mobilizing 140 CRS is underway in the sensitive districts of Les Grésilles. The custody of four members of the Chechen community who were arrested yesterday Thursday 18th June has been extended. 

Citizens Climate Convention - 150 citizens drawn to participate in the Citizens Climate Convention, have started debating this morning to vote to adopt proposals which they wish to submit to the French government concerning climate change. The convention will debate through until Sunday 21st June.

Discrimination in France - French media has this morning reported that the French government has convened with seven mayor French companies to undergo training on discrimination in hiring.

Love is in the air – France’s culture minister has said that actors have started kissing again on French film shoots.

Franck Riester said kissing had resumed on sets where the actors had been tested for coronavirus. The minister insisted l’amour was not completely dead despite the pandemic.

French cinemas are to reopen on Monday after a three-month closure but with drastic distancing measures that mean they can never be more than half-full.






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