#IlsOntLaSolution - For the past three months, Nice Côte d'Azur airport has been handing over some of the banned products which are taken from passengers during boarding checks and donating them to the Restos du Cœur. As part of an initiative entitled #IlsOntLaSolution, the aim is to avoid waste and help those in need. Since 2006, for security reasons, any container of more than 100 millilitres is prohibited during flights this includes bottles of water, alcohol but also perfumes and other toiletries. Since 2006 tons of products have been confiscated before going in the bin or being destroyed. Nice airport says that 120,000 objects and foodstuffs have been removed from luggage. The current agreement between Nice airport and the Restos du Cœur is a first at a national level. For the past three months, twice a week, volunteers have come to collect between 70 and 100 kilos of products which will then be redistributed.

At present the system is only operational at Terminal 2. Negotiations are underway with the security company that manages Terminal 1, which is different from that of T2. If an agreement is reached, the collection could double in volume. Nice airport is the second in France after Paris with more than 13 million passengers (2017 figures). But ideally, such an initiative should be generalized to all airports.

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