French and Riviera News Wednesday 3rd November 2021


COP26 HSH Prince Albert II Monaco expresses regret adding "there is still time to act" - As 120 political leaders gather in Glasgow for COP 26, climate summit, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco addressed the world leaders on Tuesday, expressing his regret that "we are not yet up to the commitments made in the Paris Agreement or up to the climate challenge". The Sovereign remained hopeful about our capacity for collective action saying: "Thankfully, there is still time to act. There is still time to limit global warming to 1.5°C, a threshold that the IPCC has shown us is a limit. There is still time to develop another energy model, which is the only way to guarantee our common future." The Sovereign Prince said that today "solutions do exist, which protect nature and bring progress to humanity. We must now develop them together, in our countries and beyond, in all the seas of the world."

Wearing a mask extended in the Alpes Maritimes - The obligation to wear a mask in certain places has been extended by order of the prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes. The prefecture has extended the obligation until 16th November inclusive, from eleven years of age in the following public spaces of all the communes of the department:

- Covered and open-air markets.

- Public spaces usually open to the public 

- Urban roads and town centres. 

- Shopping malls and similar spaces of large and medium-sized supermarkets, as well as their car parks.

- Within a perimeter of 50 metres around the entrances to nurseries, schools, colleges and lycées.

- Within a perimeter of 50 metres around the entrances of establishments open to the public in which the wearing of masks is compulsory.

- In establishments, places and events whose access is subject to the presentation of the health pass.

If distancing of at least two meters is possible, the mask is not mandatory in the following public spaces:

- natural areas, urban green spaces (parks, gardens), river banks and coastal areas such as beaches.

According to Public Health France in the Alpes-Maritimes, the incidence rate was above the alert threshold at 62.9 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the positivity rate at 1.5% for the week of October 23 to 29.

Meanwhile following the decision from the prefecture announced on Tuesday 2nd November the mayor of Cannes David Lisnard has said he is against the extension of wearing a mask outdoors referring to it as an "inept and ineffective measure".

Two nurses assaulted at Pasteur hospital - The trade unionist at the Pasteur Hospital in Nice will today Wednesday 3rd November, demand the holding of an extraordinary CHSCT meeting to discuss the working conditions of hospital staff after two nurses were verbally and physically assaulted. Both were working in the A&E department at the time of the attacks.

Mayor of Draguignan says the problem is just being moved to Fréjus, Brignoles or Toulon - Meanwhile following the closure of the A&E department at the hospital of Draguignan last week the mayor Richard Strambio has said that "the problem is not being solved but just moved to neighbouring hospitals in Fréjus, Brignoles or Toulon". Faced with a critical lack of hospital staff, and the exhaustion of current staff, since Friday evening the hospital has closed its emergency department at night, from 8:30 pm to 8:30 am.

Road accident in La Gaude - A motorist has been seriously injured in a road accident in La Gaude. The accident occurred on Tuesday morning shortly after 8am when a car collided with a motorcycle on the road from Gattières to La Gaude. Police have opened an investigation to determine the cause of the crash.

Migrant electrified at Menton train station - A young migrant has been electrified and seriously injured while climbing on the roof of a train at the train station in Menton. The incident occurred last Friday. According to the prosecutor of the Republic in Nice the victim fell after being electrocuted by the power cables of the train. He was taken to hospital in Nice and has since been transferred to the burns department of Marseille.

Operation continues in port of Fontvieille - Maritime authorities are still trying to retrieve a 16-metre boat which sank in the port of Fontvieille in Monaco, polluting the port at the weekend. Operations are expected to continue today Wednesday 3rd November.

Airbnb announces booking blocks for New Year's Eve - Airbnb has announced the renewal of its "anti-party" plan in apartments rented for the New Year. The platform made the announcement on Tuesday, Nove