French and Riviera News Wednesday 1st June 2022


1st of the month - As with the first of every month in France today will see certain changes come into effect notably, the circulation of polluting vehicles in the Paris suburbs and insurances on mortgages. It's a small revolution in the world of real estate. But from June 1st, it will now be possible to terminate the insurance of your mortgage at any time and thus play the competition more easily. This measure concerns new contracts, but it will also apply to old contracts from 1st September. At the same time, the famous medical questionnaire is removed for all mortgages which end before the 60th birthday of the borrower up to 200,000 euros per person - or 400,000 euros for a couple. Also, from today Crit'Air 4 category vehicles, already banned in Paris, will no longer have the right to drive in the suburbs’ of the French capital, the border is delimited by the A86.

French President tackles crisis in the health sector - French President Emmanuel Macron has announced the launch of a new "one-month mission on unscheduled care". During a visit to Cherbourg on Tuesday the Head of State also said he wanted to launch "from July" a major conference on health. Macron declared that thanks to the mission, a very concrete assessment of the situation of the emergency services will be possible. At least 120 emergency services in hospitals in France have been forced to limit their activity. Almost 20% of the approximately 620 establishments, public and private, hosting one or more emergency services are affected.

Champion League final - According to several police officers and experts interviewed by French media, the failure of the security system put in place last Saturday, during the Champions League final, is due to an undersized system but also to the types of units put forward to intervene near the Stade de France. Videos showing relatively calm supporters, sometimes families with children with tickets being pushed back with tear gas spray, left many shocked. Experts describe the lack of coordination between the various services responsible for ensuring order that evening, a lack of means and an undersized device. It was on Tuesday that Liverpool’s chairman Tom Werner sent a letter to France's sports minister, asking her to apologize for the chaos at the Stade de France. The club has been left astonished by the management of access to the Stade de France and the communication of the French government and the police headquarters who have blamed the Reds.

Strike in school canteens in Nice - Strike action has been announced by school canteens in Nice tomorrow Thursday June 9th.