French and Riviera News Wednesday 19th January 2022


New record number of covid cases in France - The latest data from Public Health France has shown that a new record has been reached with 464,769 new covid cases identified in the last 24 hours. Numbers are on the rise in hospitals with an increase of 11% in one week, with 2,407 new admissions on average per day. The number of deaths in hospital is also increasing by 5%, with 215 daily deaths in hospital. The only decline is in intensive care, where 3,881 patients are currently admitted with a 2% drop over a week.

Monaco - In Monaco on Tuesday 106 new cases of covid were declared bringing the total number of residents affected to 6,943. Thirty-nine people are currently in hospital and 284 are being followed by the Home Monitoring Centre.

Vaccination centre for children opens today in Toulon - From today Wednesday 19th January a new vaccination centre will be open in Toulon for children aged 5 to 11. The centre is located at 1 avenue Amiral Aube and is open on Wednesdays from 9am to 5pm and on Saturday and Sundays from 10am to 6pm.

Strike - As teachers get ready to strike tomorrow, Thursday 20th January, in protest against the government handling of the health protocol in French schools, the police prefecture in Paris has announced a ban on demonstrations, claiming that the request to demonstrate in the French Capital was submitted too late. Meanwhile recently criticised Education Minister Jean Michel Blanquer has said that he regrets "the symbolism" of his holiday in Ibiza, saying that he "should probably have chosen" another place. According to recent reports in French media, the minister was on holiday on the Spanish island when he announced the controversial health protocols for schools. Speaking at the National Assembly on Tuesday he said that the decisions he took would not have been different had he been elsewhere. The opposition have demanded his resignation.

EDF strike action - The four main unions in the energy sector have launched a joint call for a strike by EDF employees on 26th January in protest against the measures that the government plans to impose on the group to contain the increase in electricity bills. In order to limit the rise in electricity prices for consumers, within the context of soaring energy prices, the French government on Thursday asked EDF, of which the state owns 84%, to increase by 20% the volume of nuclear electricity sold at a reduced price to its competitors this year. The decision has caused a stir amongst the managers at EDF with CEO Jean-Bernard Lévy describing the government's decision as a "real shock". "This is not what we had proposed to the government" and this decision "will weigh heavily on our results".

National Rally - National Rally candidate for the presidential elections Marine Le Pen, will be in Fréjus in the Var tomorrow Thursday 20th January, to discuss her proposals to the health service in France. The day's schedule includes a visit to a nursing home and a round table with carers. Marine Le Pen will be greeted in the morning by the mayor of Fréjus David Rachline, who decided on Monday to take legal action against the compulsory wearing of masks outdoors.

Referee hit by player's father - A referee has been hit by the father of a player during an under 10's football match in Roquebrune Cap Martin. The incident occurred at the Decazes stadium on Saturday. The victim has since filed a complaint for assault.

Villa Aurora fails to find a buyer - The most expensive villa in the world has failed to find a buyer. Villa Aurora in Rome went up for auction on Tuesday 18th January for nearly half a billion euros. Owned by an ancient family of Roman nobility, Villa Aurora was priced at 471 million euros, including 350 million for Caravaggio's painting alone that adorns a monumental ceiling. The next sale will take place on April 7 for a revised estimate of 376.8 million euros, a discount of 20%. Many Italians would like the property to remain Italian rather than fall into the hands of a wealthy foreigner and ask the state to buy it.

Two euros coins may be worth more - You might want to check your change, as certain two-euro coins could be worth more than you thought. Collectors are reportedly eager to get their hands on a 2008 two-euro coin minted in Germany, popular due to an error as the European borders are not printed on it. There is also a Monegasque 2-euro coin from 2007 to mark the 25th anniversary of Grace Kelly's death and finally a popular two-euro coin of the Vatican, which came into circulation in 2004 to mark the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the State of the City.


Asian markets have followed Wall Street down this morning as investors remain concerned about inflation and tighter US monetary policy. Treasury yields hit two year highs on Tuesday as investors braced for higher interest rates while the price of oil hit their highest level since 2014 as a result of g