French and Riviera News Wednesday 16th June 2021


Number of intensive care patients with covid drops below 2,000 in France - The number of covid patients in intensive care in France has dropped below 2,000 for the first time since mid-October of last year. Currently, 1,952 patients are in intensive care and 12,008 patients are currently hospitalised, a figure which is steadily declining since mid-April. During the last 24 hours, 300 people have been hospitalized with covid including 69 in intensive care.

The number of new covid cases detected in 24 hours also continues to decline standing at 3,235 compared to more than 15,000 a month ago. 76 people have died in hospital in 24 hours, for a total of 110,563 deaths since the start of the epidemic in 2020.

Vaccination - In addition, the vaccination campaign is progressing opening to 12 to 17-year olds on Tuesday. 30.7 million people have received at least one injection and 16.5 million people have been fully vaccinated.

Monaco - In Monaco six new cases of covid have been identified bringing the total number of residents affected since the beginning of the epidemic to 2,532. Four patients are in hospital and 21 people are being followed by the Home Monitoring Centre.

The Monaco government has called for "the greatest caution" after a rise in the Covid-19 incidence rate. The government announced on Tuesday that the number of people testing positive per 100,000 people over the past 7 days stood at 44.33 compared to 10.43 the previous week. In one week, the incidence rate in the Principality has therefore quadrupled. It added that it appears 14 of the cases recorded last week have the same origin. The government said that these figures show that it is necessary to maintain the greatest caution and scrupulously respect barrier gestures in Monaco or when traveling abroad.

In other news

Train station in Marseille at a standstill - The Marseille Saint Charles train station came to a standstill on Tuesday evening as police intervened onboard a TGV from Nancy. Officers arrested an individual suspected of being “likely to commit a malicious act”. 250 passengers were evacuated as police placed the man, who was known to the authorities, in police custody for possession of a category D weapon and for “criminal association with a view to committing a crime”. The station was finally reopened after being closed for more than an hour between 8pm and 10pm.

Former President in court - Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has appeared in court, denying wrongdoing and showing anger at accusations during a trial over the allegedly illegal financing of his unsuccessful 2012 re-election bid. Sarkozy made his first appearance on Tuesday at the trial which started last month. The Paris court is seeking to determine whether he was aware of the system of false invoices that was meant to cover up the overspending.

Apply for residency - British nationals living in France have been strongly advised to apply for residency within the next 14 days or risk losing their local healthcare, employment and other rights. The highest number of British nationals vulnerable to loss of rights is in France, where according to the British embassy 135,000 Britons have applied for post-Brexit residency. The new permit will become compulsory from 1st October.

The number of emergency interventions on the rise - Emergency services have recorded a 20% increase in interventions in the Alpes Maritimes compared to 2019, since the start of a gradual end to lockdown introduced on May 3rd. The prefecture has in response announced an increase in police controls on both the regions roads and at sea, two sectors which have recently witnessed reckless behaviour.

In the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes, four people lost their lives on the roads at the weekend and at sea, speeding and carelessness are also on the increase. So much so that the Cross Med has never been so in demand and also calls for caution in water sports and boat trips.

Weather warning - Météo France has extended the weather warning for parts of the Alpes Maritimes hinterland forecasting thunderstorms and rain. The yellow weather alert is in place from midday to 7pm this evening.

Flying Ferries - As part of a radical new plan flying ferries could soon be crossing the English Channel. The all-electric, sea-skimming gliders are set to travel from Portsmouth to Cherbourg in 40 minutes. Brittany Ferries says that its proposed craft has 150-capacity and could be ready for commercial passengers by 2025. They will be about six times faster than conventional ferries, with a battery range of about 180 miles (290 km).


The United States and the European Union have agreed a truce in a 17 year trade dispute over subsidies for Boeing and Airbus. Under the agreement, both sides will remove ta