French and Riviera News Wednesday 10th November 2021


Booster jab obligatory for those over 65 from December 15th who wish to maintain a health pass - French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that from December 15th a third dose of the covid vaccine will be obligatory for those over 65 who wish to have a valid health pass. Those between 50 and 64 years of age will also be urged from December to have the booster jab. According to the Head of State "83% of people currently in intensive care in French hospitals are over 50". There will also be reinforced controls on the health pass in bars and restaurants as well as at ports and airports. Macron also confirmed the extension of "State guaranteed loans" until June of next year.

Unemployed to be monitored more closely - In addition to the health situation the head of state also spoke on Tuesday evening of his plans for the end of his five year term in office saying that the unemployed will be monitored more closely and job seekers "who do not show an active job search will have their benefits suspended" and that as already announced by France's employment minister of October 28th, from December 1st it will be necessary to have worked at "least six months in the last two years, to be able to claim unemployment benefits, at present unemployment rights are open after four months of work". A measure that had been relaxed since August 1, 2020 but will be applied again due to the improvement in the job market.

Pension reform - Concerning the pension reform promised in 2017 and suspended due to the health crisis Macron said that the "current situation does not allow the project to be relaunched today" with a clear decision being taken next year in the case of re-election.

New nuclear reactors - Macron ended by announcing the construction of new nuclear reactors which would be built on French soil. The goal being to continue to develop renewable energies.

Political opponents say Macron's address was campaigning for the elections - Meanwhile political opponents on both the right and the left were quick to criticise Emmanuel Macron, judging that the President of the Republic, who is not yet officially a candidate for the 2022 presidential election, was indeed campaigning during his televised speech.

Mask to be made mandatory in all schools in France from Monday - France's Education minister has announced that wearing a mask will be made mandatory at schools throughout France from Monday 15th November. The move comes as schools return to level 2 of the health protocol.

Health figures in the Alpes Maritimes – Latest data on the health situation in the Alpes-Maritimes shows that the incidence rate is above the alert threshold stagnating at around 60 cases per 100,000 for the last month. The threshold is set at 50. However, the number of people hospitalised in the Alpes-Maritimes with covid continues to decline slightly. On Monday 8th November there were 148 hospitalisations, compared to 316 at the last peak, at the end of August. The number of people in critical care has also been falling almost steadily since August 22. With 17 people in intensive care in the hospitals of the Alpes-Maritimes, compared to 80 at the last peak, this summer.

17 year old jogger who had gone missing is found alive - The 17-year-old jogger missing since Monday evening in Mayenne, north western France, has been found alive. The young woman was found in a state of shock about ten kilometers from the commune of Saint-Brice where she had gone for a run. The teenager had gone for a jog in the forest on Monday evening. Her parents had raised the alarm, when she failed to return home. An investigation for "kidnapping" has been opened and a man was taken into custody on Tuesday, while an extensive search of the area continues.

French court recognises "turbine syndrome" - In what is believed to be the first judgment of its kind in France a French court in Toulouse has recognised "turbine syndrome" after a couple complained their health was damaged by living near a windfarm. The couple were awarded more than €100,000 in compensation by the judge. They claimed that they had experienced a range of health problems including headaches insomnia and depression insisting they were caused by six wind turbines set up 700 metres from their home at Fontrieu in the Tarn.

Biodegradable surgical masks – New biodegradable surgical masks will be available from January of next year thanks to a company located in Carros, west of Nice. For over a year and a half, the mask has been part of our daily lives to fight against covid and sadly they often end up abandoned in city streets and gutters. A real danger for the environment. However, CEO Philippe Lopez of CP Project whose goal is to ban all plastic from our lives, had already four month's ago released a first version of a biodegradable surgical mask "of type 2ER that meet