French and Riviera News Tuesday 29th March 2022


Drought alert - Residents are reminded that the Alpes-Maritimes department is currently on a drought alert with eight municipalities having implemented restrictions on water consumption. Among the measures: there is a ban on washing your car, filling your swimming pool or watering your lawn. Rain is expected from tomorrow Wednesday March 30th.

Forest fires brought under control - Meanwhile the forest fires which broke out in the Alpes-Maritimes over the past few days have now all been brought under control. The fires in Valdeblore, Gorbio, Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey and near Utelle were brought under control by the use of water bombing aircraft and large deployments of firefighters and firefighting equipment. Local authorities had warned of the danger of fires last week because of the recent dry and windy conditions.

Petrol prices in France - The price of petrol in French service stations has started to rise again with the litre of diesel and Super SP 95 going back above 2 euros. Faced with the high price of fuel, the French government has announced a discount of 15 to 18 centimes per litre from Friday April 1st for a period of 4 months. This measure affects individuals as well as dependent professionals whose activity depends on fuel. The cost is estimated at 3 billion euros.

Deadline for High school students wishing to apply for higher education - High school students across France have until this evening to submit their wishes for orientation in higher education. The demand is through Parcoursup, the post-baccalaureate admission platform created in 2018 and similar to that of UCAS in the UK. Candidates can indicate up to ten wishes, with the possibility of sub-wishes depending on the choices. They can also make ten additional wishes for apprenticeship training. For those who may have any questions, the platform indicates that it is possible to contact the messaging service, directly on Parcoursup, or to call the toll-free number 0800 400 070. The next step will be April 7th, which is the last day to confirm each of the wishes and finalize the file with the elements requested by the establishment concerned. It will be necessary in particular to include a letter of motivation to explain in a few lines what motivates the candidate for the course or training. Note that after the results of the baccalaureate, on July 5th, and as soon as a course is definitively accepted, it will then be imperative to carry out the administrative registration before going on vacation, which is the last stage before the start of the school year.

Amnesty International claims France is “very far” from being exemplary in freedom and human rights - In a report published today by Amnesty International France falls far behind in its policy of welcoming migrants. The 2021 annual report also considers that France "is one" of the 67 countries in the world which "adopted laws in 2021 that restrict freedom of expression and association". Amnesty International also stigmatizes the "degrading treatment" suffered by migrants, particularly in Calais denouncing that "the police and local authorities have limited their access to humanitarian aid and subjected them to harassment”.

Recruitment in the catering industry - Due to the lack of staff in the catering industry the hotel school of Provence (EHP) has extended its recruitment period by one week. The catering industry has lost many of its employees since the health crisis as the sector struggles to recruit candidates to train for the summer season. According to figures from the Ministry of Employment more than 237,000 employees have left the sector. To date, for the entire PACA region, Pôle Emploi has 10,739 job offers available in the hotel sector.

Biggest pan-bagnat in the world – Finally, the federation of bakers of the Alpes-Maritimes has created what could be the largest pan-bagnat in the world. The world record breaker was presented on Monday at the trade fair for hotels and restaurants which is on in Nice until tomorrow Wednesday 30th March. Measuring more than one metre in diameter it is hoping to make it into the Guinness Book of Records. The pan-bagnat is a speciality of Nice and consists of a sandwich of the classic salade niçois. It has historically been prepared as a use for day-old bread.


President Biden has proposed a new tax on America’s richest households as part of fresh budget plans. The Biden administration wants to impose a 20 percent minimum tax on households worth more than 100 million dollars to raise more than 360 billion dollars over the next decade. Mr Biden said that the plan would make sure that the wealthiest Ame