French and Riviera News Tuesday 28th June 2022


Strike action today from France Télévisions and Radio France - Employees of the public audio-visual sector of France Télévisions and Radio France have called for strike action today Tuesday 28th June, to demand the maintenance of public funding for broadcasting, after the announced end to the license fee. While it may present one less tax for the French it’s considered to be one more worry for public media employees. French President Emmanuel Macron wishes to replace the contribution to public broadcasting from 2022 with a current budget over several years and ensures that the end of the fee will not lead to a reduction in the means of public broadcasting. However, the measure would force the State to find an additional 3.14 billion euros each year, in addition to the 560 million it already pays to compensate for the non-payment of the fee by the lowest income households. To replace the fee, the unions are calling for, among other things, the "implementation of a universal tax allocated to public broadcasting", whose "yield would be at least equivalent to the current amount of the fee", as well as a "dedicated funding to fight fake news".

Mayor of Nice warns that the covid vaccination pass could be reintroduced - The mayor Nice Christian Estrosi has warned that the covid vaccination pass could be reintroduced from August 1st. Speaking during at the metropolitan council on Monday Estrosi issued an alert concerning the resurgence of covid cases in France and in the Metropolis, pointing out that according to the “scientists, the number of real cases of covid would be 25 times higher than the official figures”. The mayor of Nice went on to say that the city’s wastewater Nice currently showed a covid rate above 4% and that with a new peak expected early August, screening tests, in particular saliva tests for children will be reintroduced from August 3rd. In addition, pop-up centres will also be set up from Monday August 29th "in anticipation for the start of the school year". Finally, the vaccinodrome at the Palais des Expositions is ready to reopen.

France’s Health Minister request a mask to be worn on public transport out of “citizen duty” - Meanwhile France’s Minister of Health has "requested" that a mask be worn in public transport. Brigitte Bourguignon has asked the French to put the mask back on when travelling on public transport “out of good citizenship” and in the face of the rise in cases of covid.  The minister referred to the "citizen duty", consisting in "protecting oneself, in the face