French and Riviera News Tuesday 10th October 2023


French capital expresses solidarity with Israel - The Eiffel Tower in Paris has been lit up in the colours of Israel, as the mayor of the French capital Anne Hidalgo, expressed her total support for the people of Israel, who mourn their dead and who are still facing a terrorist attack. The Iron lady shone in blue and white, as a sign of "solidarity" with the Jewish state after the Hamas attacks shortly before 8pm on Monday evening. Furthermore, the Israeli anthem was played on the Place du Trocadéro, followed by La Marseillaise and the National Assembly was also lit in the colours of the Israeli flag.

Meanwhile, several hundred people gathered in front of the City Hall, in Nice on Monday, in solidarity with Israel. Present at the gathering was the mayor of Nice who said that the attack “was not an army attacking another army. It was a terrorist organization which targeted civilians, with thousands of rockets, a horrible, despicable act of barbarism”.

And - In a letter addressed to the President of the State of Israel, Mr Isaac Herzog, H.S.H Prince Albert of Monaco has expressed his “horror” of the terrorist attack “affecting the country and of which we deplore numerous victims”. The Prince said that “his thoughts go out, in sadness and dismay, to the families of the missing people as well as those injured and taken hostage”. Adding that he “hopes that the people of the Mediterranean basin can unite around the values of peace, justice and respect, to keep these barbaric acts at bay”. Concluding, that he “assures to the Israeli people our support and compassion in this cruel ordeal.”

National strike action planned for Friday - A day of national strike action has been announced in France for this Friday October 13th. The action is organised by the inter-unions which are demanding salary increases. Many sectors are believed to be affected by the action, from transport to education, to medical. In transport, many disruptions are expected on the SNCF train service and Paris Orly airport has announced plans to cancel 40% of flights due to action from air traffic controllers. Teachers are expected to also take part as well as doctors.

Motorist attacked on Voie Mathis in Nice - A motorist has been violently attacked by a group of young people following an accident on the Voie Mathis in Nice. The incident occurred on Sunday evening shortly before 9pm, near the avenue Saint-Augustin. Three people were arrested. Video images captured by a witness show young individuals hitting a much older man in the face. All three have been placed in police custody. Police believe that the attack originated from a trivial incident.

Teacher suspended from establishment in Nice - Following what has only been described, as “worrying publications on social media”, an Italian teacher from the Masséna High School in Nice, has been suspended “until further notice”. The decision was announced by the education board after a disciplinary procedure was launched on Monday October 9th.

Illegal cigarettes and kilo of cannabis seized in Toulon - Nearly 800 illegal cigarettes and a kilo of cannabis have been seized in Toulon, in the Var. Police made the discovery after carrying out a raid in a hotel room in the city, where the suspect was staying. The individual had a few hours earlier been stopped by police for suspicious behaviour while at the wheel of his car and was found to be driving without a license and one thousand euros in cash. He has since been place in police custody.

Concern for safety at an A8 motorway exit - Motorist and regular users of the A8 motorway exit at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin have spoken out about how “dangerous” the exit is. Popular with commuters from the Menton area, as well as Italy, who come to Monaco every morning, many say that the increasing number of motorists is leading to queues on the hard shoulder, with heavy goods vehicles and vehicles travelling at 110 km/h. Concluding that “a fatal accident is just waiting to happen”.

Paid maternity leave - Self-employed mums in Monaco could finally get paid maternity leave thanks to a proposed new law. The bill would also give dads a longer period of paid paternity leave. Monaco's government advisor for social affairs says the draft law would be submitted to the national council in the coming weeks. Exact details of the paid maternity leave for the self-employed are not yet clear. As for paternity leave, fathers can currently take 12 consecutive days when a child is born. That would be increased to 21 days - or 28 if they already have two older children in the household.

First Monaco resident in space - The first Monaco resident in space has safely landed back down on Earth. Namira Salim, a Monegasque resident for 25 years, paid a $200,000 deposit back in 2006 to be on board the Virgin Galactic space flight. She became the first person from Pakistan to go into space. Virgin's fifth commercial sub-orbital flight took off from the New Mexico desert on Friday, flying to an altitude of 87 kilometres.

French President plans to visit Monaco? - According to local media, French President Emmanuel Macron, is planning a visit to Monaco.  A first visit was planned back in 2020 but was cancelled due to the pandemic. Awaiting confirmation H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco will be meeting with the French President on November 9th following an invitation to a dinner at the Élysée as part of the Polar Summit in Paris.

Record for the longest human chain of people paddling in the sea has been broken – Finally, Mandelieu has broken a world record - for the longest human chain of people paddling in the sea. 792 people formed an orderly line, up to their ankles in the water at 22°C at the weekend. In doing so, they broke the previous record of 721 which was held by a seaside resort in Italy. The human chain in the Med was a fundraising initiative for Pink October and the fight against breast cancer.


Airlines around the world have cancelled flights to Israel or warned of travel disruption as the security situation deteriorates. Virgin Atlantic warned of cancellations and delays to Tel Aviv and British Airways (BA) has altered its schedule. Meanwhile, three US carriers, as well as Air France, Lufthansa and Emirates, have suspended services. The Foreign Office is advising against all but essential travel to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and against all travel to certain parts of the region.

Meanwhile, oil prices have jumped on concerns that the situation in Israel and Gaza could disrupt output from the Middle East. Hamas's assault on Israel was the biggest escalation between the two sides for decades.

Chinese property giant Country Garden has announced that it did not expect to meet all of its offshore payment obligations in time as it edges towards a potential default. As one of China's biggest property developers Country Garden had racked up debts estimated at $196 billion by the end of 2022. Its cash flow problems have ignited fears that it could collapse with consequences for China's economy, which is already suffering from record-high youth unemployment, flagging consumption and a broader crisis in the real estate sector.

A new law approved in Californian on Monday will see major corporations like Apple and Disney forced to disclose their carbon emissions. The bill requires companies with more than $1bn (£817m) in annual revenue to report greenhouse gas emissions. California, which has a record of enacting cutting-edge environmental laws, is home to many multibillion-dollar companies.


Football – Today looks set to see the UK and Republic of Ireland be announced as hosts of the 2028 European Championships at a Uefa meeting in Switzerland. The five-nation bid is now running unopposed after Turkey withdrew from the process last week.

Formula One – After some drivers needed medical attention after a race run in high temperatures and high humidity at the Qatar Grand Prix, the FIA has said it will look into calendar changes and other measures in Formula One to deal with extreme weather.

Rugby World Cup - Despite injury concerns amongst the squad Wales have insisted that they have not yet ruled out anybody for the World Cup quarter-final against Argentina in Marseille on Saturday.

Tennis - Britain's Dan Evans has suffered a defeat by world number two Carlos Alcaraz at the Shanghai Masters.


Mainly fine, some cloudy patches in places with a gentle breeze. Highs of 24 degrees in Nice, Monaco and 25 degrees in Marseille. Inland, reaching highs of 27 degrees. This evening going down to 17 degrees along the coast and 12 degrees inland with clear skies.

The outlook for tomorrow and Thursday. Fine with highs of 25 degrees. Becoming increasingly cloudy by Thursday.

Sunrise  07.38am

Sunset   06.56pm

And Finally

Recent research has suggested that maybe the early bird really does catch the worm as those who burn the midnight oil are likely to earn 4 per cent less than morning people. Scientists have discovered a link between the body's internal clock, and income levels.

According to the findings, individuals who tend to be more active in the evening also tend to exhibit characteristics that are linked with earning less. The team from a University in Finland analysed data on 12,000 people, collecting information on their education, work experience, lifestyle choices and health.


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