French and Riviera News Thursday 24th June 2021


Less than 10,000 covid patients hospitalized in France - For the first time since mid-October France has less than 10,000 hospitalized covid patients. According to figures from Public Health France, 167 people have been admitted in the last 24 hours. There are 1,509 patients in intensive care with 42 admissions in 24 hours, compared to 47 the day before. 2,320 new cases of covid have been detected since Tuesday and 33 people have died from covid in the last 24 hours.

Monaco - In Monaco three new cases of covid were identified on Wednesday bringing the total number of residents affected to 2,557. One non-resident is currently in hospital and 31 people are being followed by the Home Monitoring Centre.

Delta variant - Meanwhile French government spokesperson Gabrial Attal has said that the government is paying particular attention to the circulation of the Delta coronavirus variant in two departments. The departments concerned are the Landes in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of south west France and the Bas-Rhin in Alsace. He said that the variant accounts for 70% of cases in the Landes. Prime Minister Jean Castex and Health Minister Olivier Veran will be visiting the department today. Gabrial Attal said that nationally the variant accounts for between 9 and 10 per cent of cases.

European loan - French President Emmanuel Macron and the President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen have approved France’s recovery plan. On Wednesday it was announced that France will receive 39.4 billion euros as part of an unprecedented common European loan. In total, the French government has planned a recovery scheme of 100 billion euros, including 39.4 billion financed by these direct subsidies.

Almost half of European aid will be dedicated to the ecological transition, with 5.8 billion euros for the energy renovation of buildings, 4.4 billion to modernize the rail network and 1.9 billion to develop hydrogen carbon-free.

A little more than 8 billion euros will be devoted to the digitization of companies, schools and administrations, while the rest must finance, in particular, expenditure in favour of employment, modernization of the health system and vocational training programs.

Regional and departmental elections 2021 - La Poste has resumed distribution of 5 million electoral envelopes entrusted to Adrexo. The private company, responsible for distributing electoral documentation alongside La Poste, was questioned on Wednesday after it was estimated that 9% of electoral envelopes were not sent to their recipients ahead of the first round of regional elections in France on Sunday June 20th leading to tens of thousands of French people unable to make an informed choice.

Social media campaign to encourage people to vote this weekend in France – Meanwhile French Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship, Marlene Schiappa has said that a social media campaign is being launched to encourage people to vote in the second round of the departmental and regional elections this Sunday. 66.7% of people abstained in last Sunday's first round according to the Ministry of the Interior.

Trial of thefts who targeted celebrities in Paris - Seven men and a woman have gone on trial over a string of thefts carried out against celebrities in Paris. The defendants, aged between 27 and 31, are accused of targeting high-profile figures with an estimated €4.2m in jewellery and other valuable items being taken from homes in the French capital.

Film screening – Cannes city council is offering Cannes residents the opportunity to attend a screening of a film presented as part of the official selection at this year's film festival. The draw for tickets will take place on July 5th. Online registration is open until Saturday July 3rd at 1 p.m. at the website

The crushing impacts of climate change - A leaked UN report has warned of the crushing impacts of climate change which are expected to hit sooner than expected – with millions of people afflicted by hunger, drought and disease in the coming decades. Scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change say species extinction, extreme weather, ecosystem collapse and the spread of disease will be deeply felt within the next 30 years. The draft report, which was seen by AFP but which will not be made public until next year, is the most comprehensive assessment on how global warming will affect both the planet and humankind.


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