French and Riviera News Thursday 10th November 2022


Strike - Several demonstrations have been organised today as part of a National Day of Strike action in France as unions put pressure on the French government to obtain an increase in wages. Several sectors are expected to be affected by today’s strike in particular transport. No trams are running in Nice and there will be disruptions and cancellations on both the bus and train network. You can check specific trains on A reminder that Friday the 11th of November is a public holiday in France and reduced services will be in place on public transport. Meanwhile, in the French capital today, demonstrators are set to gather at 2pm this afternoon at the Place de la République. Other gatherings are planned in large cities, such as Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse and Lille.

ORSAN plan triggered in French hospitals - Faced with the spread of the bronchiolitis epidemic, France’s health minister has triggered the implementation of the ORSAN plan in all French hospitals. Created in 2014, the ORSAN device, which stands for the “organisation of the response of the health system in an exceptional health situation”, makes it possible to "reorganize the supply of care" in hospitals “calling on doctors and caregivers across the medical sector both public and private to intervene.

Ocean Viking migrant boat could dock in Toulon - The Ocean Viking migrant boat could dock in the port of Toulon in the coming days. The humanitarian boat and its 234 migrants, currently stranded in the Mediterranean Sea is the subject of a showdown between France and Italy. According to the European Commission "the situation on board the ship has reached a critical level and must be resolved urgently to avoid a humanitarian tragedy. Questioned this Wednesday evening by the Var-Matin, the town hall of Toulon indicates that ‘they have not been asked about the possibility" despite the visit to Toulon by Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday. The mayor of Toulon has said that “a solution must be found quickly by the State because it is obviously unimaginable to let human beings die at sea".

Young woman in a critical condition following road accident - A 20-year-old woman has been seriously injured in an accident in Nice. The accident occurred on Wednesday afternoon shortly after 2pm on Blvd Bischoffsheim when a van collided with a moped. Traffic came to a standstill for nearly 45 minutes while emergen