French and Riviera News Monday 2nd August 2021


Gas, electricity, sanitary pass, restaurant vouchers… What has changed on August 1st - Changes are expected at the start of this month with gas and electricity prices continuing to rise, as will the price of parking in Paris. But the month will be especially marked by the expansion of the health pass to many places including restaurants and bars.

New increases in electricity and gas prices - After a 10% increase in July, gas prices will continue to increase. As of August 1st, the regulated sales tariff (TRV) for natural gas sold by Engie will register a further increase of 5.3%. About 3.1 million residential consumers (out of a total of 10.7 million) are expected to be affected by the tariff change.

It’s the same for electricity prices with Engie's "blue" tariffs increasing significantly for residential and business customers. This should result in an increase of 4 euros for individuals and 6 euros for professionals. An increase denounced by unions.

The health pass looks set to be extended to bars and restaurants -  Since July 21st, the health pass is requested in all cultural and leisure places which have a capacity of more than 50 people. From the beginning of August, it is expected to be required to enter a restaurant or a bar (even on the terrace and regardless of the number of customers), but also in transport (such as trains or planes). The SNCF is preparing for widespread checks as soon as the measure comes into effect. Recently, the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, recalled that a "running-in period" will be put in place for the control of the sanitary pass. The measure, requested by the French government, was adopted by Parliament as part of the health law, but it will be necessary to wait until August 9th for it to come into force. Ahead of which, the text must receive a favorable decision from the Constitutional Council, which is to be ruled on August 5th.

Restaurant vouchers - 2020 restaurant vouchers will no longer be valid at the end of the month so It's time to use them! If you have vouchers dated 2020, you only have this month to use them.

Solidarity fund - It’s also the last month for companies to be able to submit a file for the solidarity fund set up due to the health crisis. Aid requests must be made before August 31st. Thanks to this aid, companies will be able to benefit from compensation of around 40% of the loss of activity in June 2021 compared to June 2019; 30% of the loss of activity in July 2021 compared to July 2019; and 20% for the month of August.

The Pass'Sport comes into force. August also sees the arrival of a new back-to-school sports allowance, called Pass'Sport. Which consists of an aid of 50 euros per child to finance sports activities - such as registering for a club or a sports association. The pass is intended for children aged 6 to 18 whose parents receive the back-to-school allowance, as well as minors with disabilities, the Pass'Sport will be sent to families by mail during the summer. According to the government, 3.3 million families should benefit from it.

And the price of parking in Paris is increasing - From Sunday, August 1st, parking prices have changed in Paris, the increase was voted at the beginning of July by the Paris Council.

In other news 

Forest fire - Firefighters in the region have succeeded in extinguishing a forest fire which destroyed two hectares of forest land in Peymeinade. A rapid intervention by firefighters both on land and air saw the blaze brought under control by 7pm on Sunday evening, before it reached nearby houses. With high temperatures and strong winds sweeping the department on Sunday, the Prefecture had warned of the high fire risk.

Meanwhile due to the strong wind on Sunday many beaches between Monaco and Cannes displayed a red flag warning beach goers of a substantial sea swell. Several sea rescue operations were carried out in Antibes as a swimmer got into difficulty and one sunbather was hit by a parasol. 

Today the forest regions of the Var and the Alpes Maritimes have been classified as at a "very severe risk of fire" with access prohibited.

Demonstrations - According to France’s interior ministry, Saturday’s demonstrations across France against the health pass led to 72 arrests, 26 of which were in the French capital. 3 officers were injured in clashes with demonstrators as Saturday July 31st marked the third consecutive Saturday of demonstrations against the health pass which is expected to be implemented on August 9th. More than 200,000 people marched on Saturday July 31st compared to 110,000 who took to the streets on the first call for action on July 17th.

Covid cases reaches record high in Alpes Maritimes - Meanwhile in the Alpes Maritimes region the number of positive Covid cases continues to rise, being at its highest since the beginning of the health crisis, according to figures from the Covid tracker website. While the number of hospital admissions and deaths have in the past been higher than today’s numbers of cases, the incidence rate for the Alpes Maritimes reached a new record as of Saturday July 31st, standing at 728 (as a reminder, this rate is the number of positive cases during a 7 day period, for 100,000 inhabitants).

Hit hard by a 4th wave and the arrival of the Delta variant, the region has experienced 1,122 positive cases of covid from July 22nd to the 28th. This is almost double the number of cases at the end of February. In Cannes, for example, Public Health France reported on July 26th a rate of 1,000 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a record since the start of the epidemic. As of July 28th, this rate was 2,442 among 20-29-year olds.

Vaccination for those under 16 – Meanwhile the vaccination of 12 to 16-year olds against Covid has become a source of conflict between parents as a new law will soon require the consent of only one parent for a child under 16 to be vaccinated. Speaking to French media one husband said that the debate had let to him telling his wife that it was “the vaccine for their children or divorce”.

Since June 15th, the vaccination of 12 to 16 year olds has been subject to the agreement of both parents but with the future health law, which the government intends to see come into force on August 9th following the green light from the Constitutional Council, just one parent will be able to authorise it. (16-17 years old, will not need any authorization).

It was on July 28th the France’s Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer announced that from the start of the school year, a positive test of a student would lead to an "eviction" for seven days of any unvaccinated students who had been in contact with them, with classes being followed remotely, yet those vaccinated will be able to stay in class.

According to data published on July 28th from Public Health France, 35.5% of 12-17-year olds have received at least a first dose of vaccine.

Confusion over when to get vaccinated after having had covid - There has been recent confusion over when to get vaccinated after having had covid. Indications given by the High Authority of Health in France and those communicated by the French government have differed concerning the minimum time to be vaccinated after being sick.

Back in December, the High Authority for Health (HAS) recommended waiting three months after the symptoms disappear. A few months later, in February, this recommendation was changed due to new data, and the period was extended to six months. But in early June, the offi