French and Riviera News Monday 25th October 2021


Restaurant evacuated after pizza oven catches fire - A restaurant in Antibes has been evacuated after a pizza oven caught fire. The incident occurred on Sunday lunchtime at the Golden Beef restaurant. The area was cordoned off as 25 firefighters intervened. 50 customers were evacuated. Nobody was injured and an investigation into the cause has been opened.

Traffic interrupted after motorcyclist loses control of vehicle on motorway - Traffic has been disrupted after a motorcyclist lost control of his vehicle on the A57 at Puget-Ville westbound. Emergency services intervened on Sunday afternoon as the victim was taken to hospital. The cause of the accident is still to be determined.

Strong sea swell sees many parts of the coastline prohibited - Due to a strong sea swell the town of Antibes closed its coastal areas on Sunday. The prefecture of the Alpes Maritimes issued the alert on the entire Riviera coast, advising members of the public to not go swimming. The alert is in place until today.

March for peace - A march for peace organized by the association “Vivre ensemble” has taken place on the Croisette in Cannes. Sunday saw people gather to mark an opportunity to “come together for a brighter future”.

Demonstration at Port Vauban – Meanwhile demonstrations have once again been held in Port Vauban in Antibes against the rise in prices. Saturday October 23rd saw boat owners gather in front of the “Quai des Milliardaires” to protest against the increase in mooring prices.

One boat owner with a mooring for the last 20 years Eric Boulle, described the increase complaining that for 2022, the annual cost of his berth went from 1,500 euros to 2,800 euros… to reach 5,200 euros in 2023. However the new general manager of the port Franck Scarlatti, said that “nobody had been taken by surprise and that the pricing policy had been announced in the offer to the municipality and validated by the port council” adding “that the prices have been frozen for a long time and that many boaters have benefited from a place of general interest, at very low cost."

Compared with the ports of Cannes, Villefranche, Beaulieu and Nice: on boats less than 13 meters, Port Vauban is 5% more expensive than the average.

Mayor of Nice calls on the Republicans to fight Zemmour - Six months ahead of the presidential election in France, the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi has called on the right to “fight with all its might” against Eric Zemmour, accusing him of openly “rejecting anyone who does not have sufficiently white skin". Estrosi went on to say that when he hears Zemmour claim that he is “rebuilding the right-wing political party in France” it’s “indignation that overwhelms me".

Zemmour is not yet a presidential candidate, but according to the polls would come neck and neck with Marine Le Pen for a place in the second round of voting.

Editor of Ouest France newspapers will not commission or publish polls on the elections - Meanwhile the chief editor of the newspaper Ouest France has said that the paper will neither commission nor publish polls on the elections in order to not fuel media debates claiming that “elections are increasingly taking place without voters."

François-Xavier Lefranc, took the decision to abstain from publishing the voting intentions for the presidential election from 2022 saying that "the survey does not provide any information" adding that he finds it quite astounding that so much media energy is put into the poll commentary and this energy should be directed towards citizens to give them a voice”. Lefranc believes that with these polls, "we have the impression that the French are expressing themselves and they are not expressing themselves at all."

New smartphone app for park Vaugrenier - A new interactive smartphone app "The park explorers” has been unveiled in Villeneuve-Loubet. The application is a digital game that was developed by the region and presented during the first weekend of the All Saints holidays on Saturday October 23rd. The digital tool is accessible with no age limit and allows you to discover the hidden treasures of park Vaugrenier in Villeneuve-Loubet. Once the application is launched, all you have to do is walk around and let yourself be guided by the game.

The Department of the Alpes-Maritimes, which developed the game, has already planned the creation of new routes intended to introduce visitors to other departmental natural parks with eight of them eventually being accessible. From 2022, the Grande Corniche and the Estérel will be downloadable. Then the Vinaigrier de Nice or the Cros de Cast and in 2023, the banks of the Loup and the Pointe de l'Aiguille, in Théoule-sur-Mer, will be available.

Mayor of Nice congratulates Fabio Quartararo - The mayor of Nice