French and Riviera News Monday 11th July 2022


Heatwave from today across France which is expected to last ten days - Météo France has predicted a heatwave across France from today Monday 11th July, with temperatures expected to reach nearly 40 degrees. The South-West and the Rhône Valley are the regions which will be the hardest hit by the high temperatures, which are expected to last for at least ten days. Experts say that the increase in episodes of extreme heat have become “more frequent since 2000, pointing out that two heat waves lasting more than ten days were recorded between 1947 and 2000 however, since 2000 there have already been three”. Adding that these “episodes are a direct result of global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions linked to human activity”.

Passengers trapped on baking plane in Nice - Passengers have been left in tears after being trapped on a baking plane in Nice for 90 minutes, before the pilot was forced to let them back on to the airbridge to cool down as some become ill. The British Airways flight from Nice to Heathrow was due to depart at 7.35pm on Sunday evening, but weary passengers were left waiting for an hour and a half in the hot plane without air conditioning. Two travellers became ill and were removed from the aircraft, as cabin crew and the pilot apologised to passengers for the situation. 

Finance Minister defends total nationalisation of EDF – France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has defended the total nationalisation of EDF, which according to him will make it possible to take "faster decisions" in the face of the energy crisis. Speaking at the Economic Meetings of Aix-en-Provence on Sunday July 10th Le Maire defended the decision announced last Wednesday by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne in the National Assembly. The planned increase from 84% to 100% in the capital of the company "changes a lot of things because there are many projects which can sometimes take a few weeks or a few months longer, because there are debates which are legitimate from the moment there is a share of shareholders who are not state shareholders", explained the minister to journalists. The French government is now waiting for the green light from the European Commission. The minister added that the government is also preparing for next winter, a series of measures to prioritize households and certain industries in the event of insufficient electricity production.

“Uber files” - A major international investigation has been published on Sunday on the actions of Uber, its establishment in France and its influence in France and possible li