French and Riviera News Friday 7th January 2022


Parental consent for vaccination against covid - From today in France the agreement of both parents, and no longer one, will now be necessary to vaccinate children aged 5 to 11 against covid. For children aged 12 to 15, the agreement of one parent continues to suffice and adolescents 16 years of age and older can be vaccinated without parental consent. Vaccination was opened to all 5–11-year-olds on the 22nd December. As of January 4th, some 67,000 children in this age group have received at least one injection. 

Fourth dose of vaccine - Meanwhile on Thursday, French Prime Minister Jean Castex said that a fourth vaccine dose will be offered in France as soon as the health authorities give their approval. Speaking to French media he also said that the government aims to provide surgical masks, at a minimum, for all teachers by the end of this month.

Nice teaching academy appeals for those in retirement to come back to work – The number of teaching staff who have tested positive for Covid has reached a record high in France with 5,631 cases. The number of class closures has also broken a record at 9,202 classes being closed affecting 20 primary schools, six middle schools and two high schools.

Faced with a serious lack of teachers due to covid, the Nice teaching academy has appealed for teachers in retirement to come back to work. In France according to the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, 7% of teachers are currently absent, with a peak of 15% expected in the coming weeks.

Health protocol in schools - Despite only just being implemented, the new health protocol for schools in France to deal with the spread of the Omicron variant has been amended. On Thursday 6th January the new version was published on the Minister of National Education’s website. Students will no longer have to carry out the three tests if a new positive case is declared in their class.

Hospital operations postponed - Nearly 50% of operations at Nice University Hospital have been postponed due to the current wave of covid, as medical staff claim that the situation has “never been so critical” in Nice. Out of the 112 intensive care beds available in the Alpes Maritimes 92 are currently occupied. However, at present no further medical transfers are envisaged. At the end of last year a dozen medical transfers to other regions in France were carried out.

In other news 

Child missing in custody battle - The national police in France have launched a call for witnesses via the s