French and Riviera News 12th November 2021


Covid incidence rate increases in the Alpes Maritimes - According to Public Health France, the latest figures published on Thursday November 11th, for the Alpes Maritimes, show that the number of positive cases of covid per 100,000 inhabitants stood at 102. An increase of almost 25% compared to the day before and 75% compared to the beginning of the month.

The incidence rate had not been calculated at more than 100 in the Alpes-Maritimes since September 20th. Since then, it had never fallen below the alert threshold set at 50 by the government. The current rate for Alpes-Maritimes is above the national average which stands at 94.

As a reminder, from December 15th, those over 65 will have to have a booster dose to keep their health pass. In addition, a campaign will be launched for the 50-64 year olds from the beginning of December for the booster jab. The mask will again be mandatory in elementary schools throughout France from Monday 15th November, while it is currently mandatory in 61 departments.

New variant of covid detected in Brittany - Meanwhile according to local media in Brittany, a new variant of Covid has been identified in a school in the Finistère. The facts date back to October 15th, when a covid cluster was identified in an elementary school. Eighteen students tested positive. As a precaution, two of the twelve classes in the school were closed followed by five more. Tests revealed the presence of an "abnormal" and "very particular" strain. A strain already identified in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Scotland and Italy, but also in Africa. For the time being investigations by the Regional Health Agency and Public Health France have concluded "the absence of a greater contagiousness". The authorities have nevertheless announced that they are monitoring the situation very closely.

Nightclubs no longer limited on capacity - All nightclubs in France will no longer have to limit their customers to three-quarters of their capacity, a measure which had been in force since the summer. Nightclubs have been particularly affected by the health crisis being forced, for more than a year, by an uninterrupted closure.

Motorist dies at the wheel - A motorist has died in a road accident in Vence. The accident occurred on Thursday afternoon at around 2pm. The victim, a 59-year-old man, is believed to have suffered a heart attack at the wheel of his vehicle on the chemin de Vosgelade. Emergency services intervened but the victim was declared dead at the scene.

Man drowns off the coast of Cannes - A 49-year-old man has died after drowning on Thursday afternoon between the Lérins Islands, off the coast of Cannes. The circumstances of the death remain to be determined. The victim was believed to have been out sailing at the time.

47-year-old man injured in hunting incident - A 47-year-old man has been seriously injured in the face after a hunting accident. The accident occurred on Thursday morning in Montauban southwestern France. The alleged shooter has been taken into police custody. According to the prosecutor's office, the two men knew each other and were probably hunting together at the time of the incident. The investigation continues.

Place Garibaldi evacuated - Restaurant terraces on the Place Garibaldi in Nice were evacuated after the discovery of suspicious baggage. Police evacuated the popular square on Thursday after a suitcase was discovered on a bench, abandoned for more than an hour.

Animal activist fined for tagging - Animal activists in the Var have been fined for tagging a slaughterhouse in the Alpes Maritimes. The three thirty-year-olds had painted slogans on the slaughterhouse in Puget-Théniers.

Jogger to be heard for a second time due to inaccuracies - After being found alive on Tuesday, the 17-year-old jogger who went missing in northwestern France on Monday, believed to have been kidnapped, will be heard again by investigators today Friday 12th November. The investigation continues due to several inaccuracies in her initial declaration requiring her to be heard again today.

Five European countries have denounced the European Union's classification of nuclear power as a "green" investment - At the COP26 in Glasgow on Thursday Germany, Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg and Portugal said that nuclear energy was "incompatible" with the criteria of the list of investments considered "sustainable" currently drawn up