Evening Update Wednesday 22 June 2022

One person has been seriously injured after being hit by a lorry in Nice. Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said that a drunken individual got on board a pumping truck at Ponchettes at about 8.00 this morning. The truck hit a bench and one person was seriously injured. The alleged perpetrator was tracked using video surveillance and was arrested shortly afterwards. In a Twitter post later in the morning, the mayor said that it would seem that the author is not unknown to the police and is subject to an obligation to leave the territory. He's said that if these facts are proven, he asks that at the end of the procedure, he be expelled without delay and that he serve his sentence in his country of origin.

President Macron is scheduled to speak on French television at 8pm this evening. He's expected to comment on the second round of the legislative elections, a subject he hasn't yet spoken about publicly.

The container ship which as damaged by a fire and explosion off Toulon yesterday has arrived in the port of Fos-sur-Mer. The three casualties are being taken care of at the Sainte-Anne army training hospital in Toulon. The Maritime Prefect of the Mediterranean said that despite the three casualties to be deplored, the operation made it possible to test the responsiveness of the civil security maritime response organization and that all the agencies concerned quickly mobilized to respond to the emergency situation.

The head of the French vaccine strategy body has said that one in five eligible people between 60 and 79 years old have not yet received their second Covid-19 booster, which equates to about eight to nine million people. Speaking on Franceinfo this morning Alain Fischer said that such people can "avoid a real risk of ending up in hospital" by getting the booster.



Inflation in the UK has reached a 40 year high of 9.1% in the year to May. The Office for National Statistics said that the increase was mostly due to increasing food, fuel and energy costs. UK inflation is at the highest level since March 1982, when it also stood at 9.1%. The Bank of England has already warned that inflation may reach 11% this year.

New research has suggested that Brexit has cost UK workers several hundreds pounds per year in lost earnings. The research by think tank The Resolution Foundation and the London School of Economics said that Brexit is damaging the competitiveness of the UK and suggested that workers may be losing about 470 pounds per year until 2030 compared to if there had been a vote to stay in the EU in 2016.



Football... Liverpool player Sadio Mane has completed a move to Bayern Munich on a three-year contract. Liverpool will receive 32 million euros w