Evening Update Wednesday 15 November 2023

Heat records are being broken on the Cote d'Azur with temperatures this high rarely seen in November. Meteo France said that 27.7 degrees was recorded in Cannes yesterday, which shattered its monthly heat record of 25.8 degrees recorded in November 2004. Records have also been broken in the north of Corsica with almost 30 degrees recorded yesterday in Oletta.

Meanwhile another storm is about to move across much of France from the west. This storm is named Frederico. In addition to heavy rain in places, Meteo France said that it will bring windy conditions. Hurricane force gusts are possible in places, especially on the west coast of France.

The Var prefecture has said that the drought situation in the department "is improving". However, 70 municipalities are on heightened alert until 15 December  and 46 municipalities are on alert until that date. Restrictions have been ended in 37 municipalities around the department. More details about water restrictions and which municipalities are affected can be found on the prefecture's website www.var.gouv.fr

Three people have been arrested in Cannes today in connection with two thefts - that of a necklace in La Bocca and a luxury watch in the city centre. The arrests were made in the Bas Suquet district. The individuals were transported to the police station and handed over to the judicial authorities. The seized vehicle was impounded. The watch was recovered and will be returned to its owner. Investigations are underway to find the necklace.

The Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur Regional Health Agency is drawing attention to the risks posed by carbon monoxide. Each year nationally, nearly 100 deaths are attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning. The agency recommends having heating and hot water production installations checked and maintained, as well as smoke ducts, by a qualified professional, to ensure good ventilation, to avoid the obstruction of external air inlets and to carefully follow the manufacturers instructions for combustion appliances. You can find more information on https://www.paca.ars.sante.fr/prevention-des-intoxications-au-monoxyde-de-carbone

The police officer accused of fatally shooting teenager Nahel in Nanterre in the summer has been released from pre-trial detention but is still under judicial supervision. He was detained on 29 June, two days after the shooting which led to riots in many cities across France.

If you regularly walk past the I Love Nice sign next to the sea near the port in Nice, you might have noticed that it's changed colour. Normally painted in patriotic blue, white and red, the sign is now orange. The change is in support of the United Nations Orange Day to combat violence against women on 25 November.

If you've always wanted to ask Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi a question, you now have the opportunity to do so. The mayor said today that people are welcome to ask him questions on any subject via social networks and he will answer them directly on a regular basis on video. He said that being attentive to questions is one of his priorities and has led to him opening "a more direct channel of discussion".



Inflation in the UK has fallen to 4.6% in the year to October, down from 6.7% the month before. Economists have said the main reasons for inflation falling in the month is partly the rise in interest rates reducing demand but also a reduction in the energy price cap, which limits the price that suppliers can charge consumers per unit of energy.

The European Commission has lowered its forecast for growth in the Eurozone this year to 0.6%, down from the 0.8% it forecast back in September. It said that high inflation and high interest rates, combined with weak external demand "took a heavier toll than expected".

The Barbie movie contributed more than £80m to the UK economy during filming, according to its maker Warner Bros. In evidence to a Parliamentary committee the studio said the production created 685 jobs, employed over 6,000 extras, supported 754 local businesses and paid more than £40m in local wages. The film was largely shot at the Warner Bros studios in Leavesden, Hertfordshire.



Cricket...India have beaten New Zealand by 70 runs in their World Cup match. India batted first and were 397 for 4. New Zealand were all out for 327.

Golf... Rory McIlroy has resigned from the PGA Tour's Policy Board. His shock decision was revealed in a memo to the tour's players issued by commissioner Jay Monahan, who thanked McIlroy "for his dedication and commitment to the tour".

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