Evening Update Wednesday 10 May 2023

France is to introduce a range of digital measures to protect young or other vulnerable internet users. The measures include allowing the regulator to block, without a judge's decision, pornographic sites that do not verify the age of their visitors. There will also be a requirement on social networks to suspend accounts of people who post violent images, child pornography or incitement to hatred. They also plan a crackdown on scam text messages and will make it easier for people to move their data from one cloud service to another.

A BNP ATM cash machine at Gambetta-Promenade in Nice has been drowned in black paint and covered in posters by environmental activists this morning. The action is part of a day of national mobilization against fossil fuels and their funders. Protestors say BNP is one of the main global financiers of fossil fuels.

A teacher has been arrested for burning 63 official copies of his students' baccalaureate exam papers in Paris. He claimed he was making a protest against the education system and how the bac is organised. As the students' papers were not digitized, the school is now looking for ways they can retake the test.

Picnicking has been outlawed in St-Laurent-du-Var as the Mayor is enforcing a ban on eating along the Promenade des Flots Bleus. He is also introducing a ban on electric scooters. The move has been welcomed by locals fed up with food waste, dog dropping and being run over by scooters.

The French Council of State has ordered the government to take all ‘useful additional measures’ to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before next summer and demanded the government submit a progress report by December 31st this year. However, the court has not imposed a financial penalty on the state if it does not comply.

French language music is on the rise globally with the number of French albums and titles certified abroad increasing by 14% last year. Rap music now dominates international sales, while video has become an essential tool for exporting French music. Live music is also increasing, with a large French presence at major international festivals. The report from the National Music Centre comes as French Canadian La Zarra is in the Top 5 to win this weekends Eurovision with the French language song ‘Envidiment’.

This year’s Top Marques Monaco, the world's most luxurious supercar show, was officially announced yesterday. It will feature the most iconic supercars from yesterday, today and tomorrow, in addition to six world-first reveals, test drives of the finest machines and more than 100 exhibits. The show will be held at the Grimaldi Forum from June 7th for four days. For more information on the event, exhibitor and supercars on display, go to; topmarquesmonaco.com


Monaco recorded a budget surplus of over €32 million in 2022, four times that of the previous year, due primarily to tax revenues and a boost in VAT. The increase in state revenues was offset by expenditures, which rose by 8.3% to reach €81 million.

French authorities are to begin cross-checks between the tax service and airline companies, to identify people who falsely declare residence abroad to avoid tax. The checks will be carried out as part of the government's crackdown on tax evasion and social security fraud.

Shares in Airbnb are down after the accommodation website issued a gloomy second-quarter forecast. They say the high cost of travel may be catching up with budget-conscious consumers. They say they expect fewer bookings and lower average daily rates in the second quarter.

Europe’s second-highest court has sided with Ryanair in a case against Lufthansa who received state aid during the pandemic to stay afloat. While Lufthansa has already repaid the aid, the decision today could have consequences for future state bailouts.


Football - Champions League sees a huge derby match tonight when AC Milan hosts city rivals Inter Milan for a place in the Champions League final. Inter have the slight edge in the head-to-head record, winning 87 times to Milan’s 79. In the Champions League though, it is a very different story, as Inter has failed to win any of the four meetings between the sides, during the knockout rounds in 2003 and 2005. Will all that change this year? Kick-off for this epic Italian clash is at 9pm tonight.

Barcelona’s Captain Sergio Busquets has confirmed he will leave Barcelona at the end of the season after 18 years at the club. The former Spain midfielder has played over seven hundred matches for Barcelona, and has been with the team through eight La Liga titles, seven Copa del Reys, seven Spanish Super Cups and three Champions Leagues.

Tennis - World No 3 Jessica Pegula has criticised Madrid Open organisers after women's doubles finalists were not able to give speeches at the trophy ceremony - yet men's finalists were. Ms Pegula demanded to know ‘what century the organisers were living in’. The Madrid Open offers equal prize money with men and women singles champions taking home just over 1m and doubles champions sharing 330,000.

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