Evening Update Tuesday 23 June 2020

The Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, has reactivated the Heatwave Plan. The mayor said that the city is "deploying measures to prevent and protect against the dangers of the heat wave", particularly in regard to the most vulnerable. He reminded people that children and the elderly are most at risk during periods of extreme heat. He said that new water mist machines are being installed in public spaces and schools. A special heatwave brigade will educate citizens about good behavior in public spaces. He also issued a telephone number which can be used to report an isolated person, the number is 04 93 135 135, and the Allo Mairie Nice app can be used to find a map of available water points in the city.

The anti-terrorism prosecutor has requested that nine people be referred to the special anti-terrorism court in Paris in connection with the Nice attack in July 2016. The prosecutor alleges that the nine were involved with the attack in various ways, for example by supplying a weapon, being informed of the plan or by being present in the rental truck used in the attack.

A member of the Scientific Council which advises the French government on the coronavirus outbreak has said that it's "very likely" that there will be a second wave of the virus. Bruno Lina was speaking in a television interview this morning.  The Council has sent a document to the government in which it said "an intensification of the circulation" of the coronavirus in the northern hemisphere "at a more or less distant date (a few months, and in particular at the approach of winter) is extremely likely". The Council said that their forecast was based on three factors- the lack of collective immunity, the wide circulation of the virus in other regions of the world and the experience of influenza pandemics.

According to a survey published in French newspaper Le Monde, 75% of hospital workers say they have suffered from "a lack of protection at work" and 70% from a "lack of resources". 63% of hospital workers also said they had suffered from health problems while 69% said they were "pessimistic about the future". However, 87% of respondents to the survey said that they had "felt useful" and 84% were "proud of their mission".

The family of a delivery driver who died after being restrained by police in Paris have called for calm after new information emerged about his arrest. Cederic Chouviat was stopped by police on his scooter in January and according to reports of a video filmed of his arrest, had said that he was unable to breathe whilst being restrained by the neck. The four officers involved in the arrest have been questioned but have not been suspended. At a media conference this morning, M. Chouviat's daughter said that his f