Evening Update Tuesday 22 November 2022

New figures published today show that the Covid-19 incidence rate in Monaco has been stable over the past two weeks. The incidence rate per 100,000 people over the 7 days to Sunday evening was 240. It was 230 the previous week. In the week to 20 November, 94 new positive cases of Covid-19 were detected, 11 people, including 5 residents, were hospitalized at the Princesse Grace Hospital. No one was being treated in intensive care. 41 people were being followed by the Home Monitoring Centre.

The Monaco government has said that the main vaccination monitoring indicators will now be put online. These include the evolution of the number of vaccine injections and the different vaccination rates presented in the form of interactive graphs. The vaccination statistics will be updated each week, in addition to the daily update of the epidemic with the number of infected people, hospitalizations, recoveries, the number of PCR and antigen tests carried out, the positivity rate and the incidence rate. The information will be available on the Covid19.mc website.

A preliminary investigation has been opened into allegations made against Caroline Magne, the ex-wife of Alpes-Maritimes Deputy Eric Ciotti. The National Financial Prosecutor's Office said today that a preliminary investigation has been opened for embezzlement of public funds, breach of trust and concealment of those offences. It said that its aim is to check the validity of recent allegations made in the French press. The allegations have centred around whether she inappropriately held several public sector jobs simultaneously. Eric Ciotti has refuted the allegations.

An investigation has been opened into the death of a tax inspector during a tax audit in the Pas-de-Calais. The 43 year old man was on a visit with a colleague to a second hand goods dealer when they were both tied up by their attacker who subsequently shot himself. The local prosecutor said that the tax inspector who died had suffered stab wounds to the back and the chest. The other inspector, a 46 year old woman, is suffering from shock but is otherwise unharmed.

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi has said that he is in favour of the European Union revising the Schengen area to make a "small Schengen" which would include only four, five or six countries. He said that such a change would help fight against illegal immigration before expanding the area again.



The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has forecast that the UK will contract by more than any other nation in the G7 group next year. It said that out of the larger group of G20 countries, only Russia will contract more than the UK. The OECD also forecasts a "significant growth slowdown" globally in 2023. Looking at the current year