Evening Update Friday 8th July 2022

A new requirement to wear masks on public transport within the Nice metropolitan area has been struck down by a court. A group of local citizens filed an appeal against the measure, which was announced earlier this week by Nice mayor Christian Estrosi. Their lawyer said that at no point did Estrosi present evidence that the coronavirus situation in Nice was significantly worse than elsewhere in France. Previously, rules on mask-wearing have been set at a national level. The judge in Nice's administrative court said there was no compelling reason for the measure to go ahead. They described it as "manifestly unlawful" and would have had an unfair impact on people living outside Nice but who had to travel to the city.

A popular mountain guide in the Mercantour has died in an accident while out climbing. Marine Clarys from Saint-Martin-Vesubie was 35 years old. She was guiding another mountaineer at the Cougourde refuge, at an altitude of 2,800 metres, when she suffered a fall on Thursday. An air ambulance helicopter was called out to recover her body and rescue the other mountaineer. Marine Clarys was the first woman to qualify as a high mountain guide in the Alpes-Maritimes. Her death has caused great shock within the local community.

A manslaughter investigation has been opened into a deadly fire in Monaco three weeks ago that cost the life of a firefighter. Sergeant Thierry Pérard died putting out the blaze in a luxury first-floor apartment on Avenue Princesse-Grace on 19 June. The Monaco public prosecutor has opened a judicial investigation for manslaughter and involuntary injuries - and an investigating judge has been appointed. The victim had served with the Monaco fire brigade for 26 years and died from smoke inhalation. Another firefighter was slightly injured.

Police in Marseille have managed to catch two thieves who stole from bathers on the beach - thanks to the GPS function in a mobile phone. A couple, who were on holiday from Paris, had carefully locked all their personal belongings, including wallets and phones, in their car. But the thieves stole their car key and managed to locate the vehicle, emptying it of everything. The geolocation on one of the stolen phones allowed police to track the thieves down to a Marseille hotel room - where they found all the stolen belongings, and those from other thefts as well.

Europe's largest telecommunications satellite is currently being assembled in Cannes.  150 people have been working shifts - day, night and at weekends - for the past three years at the Thales Alenia Space facility in La Bocca. The nine-metre-wide satellite is about the size of a three-storey building and will weigh six-and-a-half tonnes. Its cost is estimated at around 100 million euros. Once deployed in space next year, it will provide ultra-high-sp