Evening Update 22022022

Following a national manhunt, police in the Var have arrested a fellow officer for femicide. Authorities say the officer gave himself up at 10.30 this morning after phoning from his father’s house near Draguignan. He has been wanted since January 28th, when the body of his 28-year-old girlfriend was found strangled in Paris. The man is already known for domestic abuse, and avoided prosecution in 2019 with another partner, after agreeing to take an awareness course on the danger of domestic violence.

The requirement for a Pass Sanitaire could soon be over. This morning the Minister for Health Oliver Veran confirmed to the Senate, that when the number of life support patients falls below 1,500 and when the R reproduction factor is sustainably less than one, then the vaccination pass would be lifted. The Minister expects this to happen by mid-March.

The gradual lifting of government restrictions has allowed the city of Nice to release 3,000 extra tickets for the finale of the Nice Carnival. The final show, with its massive illuminated procession, will take place Saturday night after which the king of the carnival will be burned.

On the A8, a driver is recovering in hospital after his heavy goods vehicle overturned on the westbound lane past Brignoles toward Aix-en-Provence. Almost 300 litres of diesel fell onto the autoroute causing delays for a number of hours. The wine transport truck was empty at the time. And father of a 15 year-old from the Gard has been charged, for allowing his child to drive at 170km/h on the autoroute. The vehicle was seized and the minor has been prosecuted for driving without a license and speeding.

In the Presidential election, Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Eric Zemmour have just ten days left to secure the 500 sponsorships necessary to participate. Madame Le Pen has described it as a ‘terrifying democratic situation’ where a serious contender cannot oppose the incumbent, for what she called administrative reasons. In response, up to 120 mayors across France have promised to grant their sponsorship, to candidates who exceed 10% of voting intentions in the polls. They say they want to guarantee that democracy is transparent, and that people with whom they deeply disagree, can come forward.

Also in election news, a new survey says eight out of ten young people in France do plan to vote in the presidential election. However, more than one-in-two believe their concerns are not taken into account on issues including purchasing power, the environment and access to housing. 66% believe that political leaders do not care enough about the younger generation.

Today marks a very special date, as the 22nd of the 2nd 2022 is a palindrome and an ambigram, in that the date can be read left to right, right to left and even upside down. Todays rare date, with so many two’s in it, is being referred to worldwide as ‘Twosday’. If you want to make a wish, they say the luckiest time will be tonight at 22 minutes past 10.


Brent Crude Oil has hit a seven year high of $99.38 a barrel, on fears that the Ukraine-Russia crisis will disrupt supplies across the world. The affect is already being felt at pumps in France, where the average price of unleaded today is €1.85 a litre and €1.75 for diesel.

Share prices are also affected by the crisis, with falls worldwide described as a ‘sea of red’. While European markets are regaining some ground, Asian and American markets are down overall. The worst affected markets have been in Russia, where Moscow’s MOEX stock index plunged 6%, its lowest point since mid-2020. On the currency markets, the ruble has fallen against the US dollar to its lowest for two years.

A meeting of EU foreign ministers is underway in Paris right now to agree on sanctions against Russia, including putting politicians and officials on black lists, a ban on trading in Russian state bonds and an import and export ban on separatist entities.


Boxing - Dillian Whyte has signed a contract to fight WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Both will receive handsome payoffs with Whyte getting US$8m, the biggest payoff of his career, while the reigning champion Fury should pocket $32m. The winner of the actual fight picks up another $4m. The fight is expected to take place in London in April.

Football - UEFA are to make a decision soon. on where to stage this year’s Champions Leagues final.  The game was scheduled to be played at St Petersburg in Russia, but will most likely have to move considering the current political situation.   Champions League continues tonight with two games, Chelsea host Lille and Villareal play Juventus. Both games kick off at 9pm.

Tennis - At the Mexican Open, defending champion Alexander Zverev’s game against Jenson Brooksby has broken records by being the latest game ever played. Due to heat and humidity, games in Mexico don’t start until 6pm and all three of yesterday’s Centre Court matches lasted more than three hours. Zverev and Brooksby didn’t get on to court until 1.30am and the game lasted over three hours finishing just before five in the morning. The eventual winner?  Alexander Zverev 3-6,12-10,6-2.

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