Compulsory MOT for two-wheelers has been abolished

Compulsory MOT for two-wheelers has been abolished - The compulsory MOT for two-wheelers will not be introduced as planned. The decree aiming to make it an obligation for two-wheelers from 2023 has been abolished. The decree on the MOT of two-wheelers has been the subject of controversy since its publication in August 2021. It introduced the measure in stages and from the beginning of 2023, while the European Union had decided in 2014 to impose it to Member States by 1st January 2022 at the latest. However according to French President Emmanuel Macron “now is not the time to bother the French”. The announcement has left environmental associations up in arms. Three NGOs - Respire, Ras le Scoot and Paris without cars have called for its implementation as soon as possible, emphasizing that such a measure would reduce the mortality of motorcyclists, as well as noise and air pollution.




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