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Every other Friday, tune in at 7h46am, 9.26am and 6.43pm to listen to Maitre Veronica Vecchioni, specialist in European rights for companies. Also broadcasted on Saturdays at 9.46am, 6.46pm and 7.40pm.  

Maitre Vecchioni on Place Massena in Nice, the right hand man of your company…

Think European!

The Vecchioni Law Firm, committed since its creation to a "progressive" development, knows how to balance the respect of the traditional practices linked to our profession of lawyer and the need to move "the lines" through innovation in our profession.

11th March - This week, we get some advice on the impact of digital technology on a company.

25th February - This week, we get some advice on recovering debt on a European scale. 

11th February - This week, we get some advice on the role of a lawyer in the legal department of a company.

28th January - This week, we get some advice on trademark protection at a European level.