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Founded in 1990, our group was one of the first to offer solutions to monetise the real estate assets of the French and foreign owners. Over all these years, we have forged privileged relationships with French and foreign banks, allowing us today to offer you the bare ownership sale financed by banks. Our team is at your disposal, to discuss in detail your projects and your financing expectations. We invite yo to contact us to make an appointment.

In France, an owner is allowed to separate the ownership of his/her property into two distinct parts: The bare ownership (the walls of the property) and the usufruct (the right to live in the property or to rent it). This solution is aimed at owners of real estate assets of a certain value, located in or near a large urban area.

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Characteristics of the bare ownership sale:

· Sale of the bare ownership of a property (the walls of the property)

· Preservation of the usufruct (right to occupy the property or to rent it)

· Choice of the duration of the usufruct: temporarily (from 5 to 20 years) or for life (until the death of the seller)

· The capital received, generally representing 30% to 70% of the value of a property, can be used freely (improve your daily life, help your family, fulfil a project and dreams, or simply meet your everyday needs, etc.).