Seasonal time change survey

Seasonal time change survey - Until March 3rd at midnight, an online survey is asking the French if they want to keep the seasonal time change, or if they prefer, once and for all, to adopt a fixed time. If there is change, it won’t be implemented until 2021. France adopted the change of seasonal time in 1976. A European directive could, within two years, put an end to changes in seasonal timetables in the European Union.

As early as 1784, the American inventor Benjamin Franklin proposed to change the time to "save candles" and enjoy an hour of sunshine. The measure was first applied in 1916 during wartime. At the end of the 1960s, several countries agreed to regularly adjust the hours according to the season, in order to save energy. France entered the game in 1976.

Since February 3rd, and until March 3rd at midnight, an online questionnaire is available on the website of the National Assembly, to know whether to keep the time change, or opt for one of the two. Opting for either summer or winter time.

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