Lunchtime News Thursday 10th December 2020


Partial unemployment extended - France’s Minister of employment has announced that partial unemployment compensation will be extended until the end of January for all sectors. The measure concerns the sectors most affected by the crisis, supported 100% by the State, and other sectors, which are 15% of the remainder.

Lockdown - With the end of lockdown scheduled for December 15th the figures for the coronavirus epidemic have not yet reached the target announced by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Following the meeting with the Defence Council on Wednesday there is speculation as to what will be the next stage announced today at 6pm by the Prime Minister Jean Castex. One possibility, which is reported to be the most likely option, is that the lockdown will be lifted but a curfew from 7pm will be introduced and theatres, cinemas and museums will remain closed. The Prime Minister is also expected to announce the situation for ski resorts which had on Wednesday was presented to the highest court in France, the State Council.  

Ahead of the Prime Minister’s press conference on the Health situation Benjamin Davido an infectious disease specialist at the Rayomond-Poincaré hospital in Paris has called for Jean Castex to be “clear with the French” adding that “he must say that unfortunately, we did not achieve the goal we had set”.

A poll published by Elabe has shown that as weariness sets in, despite the hope of a vaccine, the trust in the Head of State from the French has dropped 12 points over the last two weeks with only 36% of French trusting the government to fight effectively against Covid-19.

Survey on safety of shower gels, creams and make-up - The magazine “60 Millions de consommateurs” has published a survey today which evaluated 160 cosmetic products with regard to their impact on health. The survey showed that only about fifty have proven to be satisfactory. All others contain potentially dangerous substances.

The consumer defense association advises customers to scrutinize the list of ingredients, whether the product is organic or not. Particularly for lipsticks which may contain aluminum.

The 50 products rated healthy and safe by the magazine are in all price ranges, which means safe and affordable cosmetics can be produced. The consumer magazine therefore calls on manufacturers to put more effort into the composition of their products.

The sex life of the French improves compared to first lockdown - An IFOP poll published on Wednesday has revealed that the sex life of the French has improved compared to the first lockdown.

Figures showed that 70% of French people had sex in November, 14 points more compared to the first lockdown. Three quarters of French people say that the second confinement went "better" with their spouse, than that of last spring. Likewise, more French people claim to have had sex in Autumn, partly thanks to working remotely and the absence of children at home.








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