Has the "Momo Challenge" claimed its first victim in France?

Momo Challenge - The father of a 14-year-old found dead in mid-October in France believes that his son did not commit suicide, but was the victim of this mysterious challenge called the “Momo Challenge” in which an unknown person via the Whatsapp social network, encourages the participant to commit dangerous acts that may go as far as death. The father has filed a complaint against Whatsapp, YouTube, the site and the French state. Kendal, 14, was found dead in his room at his parents' home. His father, René Gattino, does not believe in his suicide and "accuses YouTube, Whatsapp and of not protecting young people", and "believes that the state has not taken into account the dangers that represent these sites for young people, ". The boy's family want to alert the public and avoid other tragedies.

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