Four people fined at funeral

Four people fined at funeral - Four people have been fined after attending a funeral. The incident  occurred in Falaise, in Calvados, on March 19. Benjamin Loison and relatives were attending the funeral of his grandmother. At the end of the ceremony, gendarmes arrested him, his brother-in-law, his cousin and his girlfriend. They check their certificates and decided to verbalize them for "non-compliance with the confinement rules".


"It's completely absurd," said angered Benjamin Loison to reporters. "During the ceremony, we were all more than a meter from each other. There were 15 people present, which is the maximum allowed," he said, adding that "The Falaise hospital and the funeral home authorized us to do the ceremony as planned at the Guibray cemetery," 


The gendarmerie of Falaise justified itself by indicating that a burial was "nothing imperative". "People must understand that movement, in time of confinement, is carried out for everyday gestures, vital things. They must be imperative”.


The gendarmes had followed the firmness displayed by the Prime Minister who when asked by a viewer while being interview in France 2 with the following "A friend died 48 hours ago. Do we have the right to go to his funeral?" 


Edouard Philippe gave the following answer "What I'm going to say is terrible to hear, but I have to live up to the functions I occupy, so I will answer no. We must limit travel as much as possible. I say this with great sadness, but also with great determination, "the head of government replied.


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