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Reasons to be cheerful, part 3 !

All the signs are great. Looks like business will improve for all.

Official data published on Tuesday 31st of October has shown that the French economy has clocked up solid growth in the third quarter.
Radio advertising is up 12% year on year. 
Employment growing. We would love to work with you, let us help your business to GROW.

Radio growing in popularity - 90% listen !

Great news from the UK where the latest radio ratings are out.
90% of people listen to the radio each week. That is an increase of 1 million on last year. 60% of listening is by people at home. 28% of people listen to their radio station on a phone or tablet.

The numbers for Ireland and France are very similar and this is why radio continues to be a great media for advertisers.

Thanks for listening !

Tourism on the Côte d’Azur up 7%

Figures published have shown that tourism is on the up along the Côte d’Azur. This summer, hotels in the region reached an occupancy rate of 86%, an increase of 7% for July and August. The figures also showed that tourists visiting the region by plane spent an average of 111 euros per day.

Growing of opportunities for jobseekers in France

A new survey has revealed the regions and the towns in France where jobseekers have the most hope of finding work.   In terms of French cities on the move, Paris comes top with a 75 percent increase in job offers, followed by Rennes (53%), Strasbourg (47%), Bordeaux (46%), Toulouse (44%) and Lyon (39%). Lille, Marseille and Nice have also seen the number of job offers created rise, but to a lesser extent. The study has also shown that the number of job offers in France has jumped by 42% compared to last year.

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