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Riviera Radio at the center of all the big local events !

Once again this year, Riviera Radio will bring you to the very heart of the biggest local events such as the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, Nice Jazz Festival and many more.
Riviera Radio, as the only English-speaking radio station in the region, is a partner of all these big events and offers many ways to publicise your brand on-air, including sponsorship and PR.
If you want to become associated with some of the biggest international events, contact our sales team now on Tune in for the exclusive interviews, inside information and news.
Riviera Radio is a multiplatform media company. We connect people and help businesses to grow. Get it touch if you would like to know more about proven solutions to make your business better.

Welcome to the Riviera Radio family, Thomas !

Thomas grew up in Barcelonnette which is part of the Alpes de Haute Provence, region in France, and studied Law and Economics at the Faculty in Aix-en-Provence.
Once he had finished his studies he moved to Paris and was hired at a French Radio Station, a national and well established radio station as the Communication and Promotional Event Manager.
He worked and lived the Parisian dream for four years before making the move back to his more southern hometown here with the amazing Riviera Radio team. 

Accustomed to the inner workings of radio strategy, he has joined the Riviera Radio’s marketing department in Business Development.
His linguistic skills in both English and Italian have lent him the opportunity and privilege of overseeing the areas from Villefranche sur Mer to San Remo. 
As a motivated, hard working and committed individual he is enthusiastic about his next career step with Riviera Radio!

New way to promote your business:
Experience of the month

As of April, Riviera Radio offers you a new experience: 

You can promote your services and products by using our ways of communication: “on air “, “on line” with our internet site, our networks with Facebook and our daily news... 

Each month, we will have an exclusive company promoting its business. We offer two choice of campaign for all types of companies. Be exclusive on the month that you have decided !
If you want to become the next brand that will be the "Experience of the month” on Riviera radio, contact us on

These compagnies trust Riviera Radio

This month, we are pleased to announce the arrival of new partners :
- International brands like Ryan Air, Ikea and the Club Med.
- Some of our major players in the local economy are the Hotel Splendid in Nice, De Tonge and Anthony Investment.
- Two new references in the world of Yachting with NL Marine and Navicom.

These are some examples of new companies that have decided to trust the different solutions "on air" and "on line" of Riviera radio.

We are proud to announce the renewal of the exclusive partnership between Riviera Radio and the beach of Beau Rivage for the sponsorship of the beach weather.
Dotta Immobilier became this year our unique partner on the Rolex Master series.

If you wish to have more information about our partners, go to our website

Focus on Lamborghini

The 16th of march was Lamborghini Day on Riviera Radio ! 
Riviera Radio was proud to be the partner of the Al Ghassan Motors France dealership for the launch of the new model Lamborghini URUS and our journalist Dusty Rhodes was there to cover the event ! Riviera Radio put together a multimedia and multiplatform promotion of the new Lamborghini. The pack included social media, video, on line digital promotion of event. There were also interviews and radio advertisements. The event was a huge success !

Throughout the day, our listeners could enjoy the atmosphere of this unique event in our region, both "on air" and "on line". 

It's easy for your business to share important moments thanks to 106.5 Riviera Radio. 

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about how we can help you to market your event !