Best of the Riviera


Every week, 106.5 Riviera Radio reports on places to go, weekend ideas, sports and cultural events and also the best services to get on the Riviera. Beau Rivage, Coeur d’Antibes & Marineland are the topics of this week’s best of the Riviera.                        

Local News Wednesday 20th of August

Bullfighting in Fréjus Claire Starozinski, the president of the anti-corrida alliance, the anti bullfighting league, says that the association has got wind of a proposed event in Fréjus’ arena on the 22nd of August, and there’s no smoke without fire according to her.

Local News Monday 18th of August

Extreme sports It’s been a busy weekend on the extreme sports front in our region with an Italian family of 8 who got in to difficulties in the Escragnolles gorge while out canyoning, having to be helicoptered to hospital after being found in the middle of the night.

Local news Friday 15th of August

Cigarette heist A gang described by gendarmes as very well organised, surrounded two cigarette delivery trucks coming off the motorway at Puget-sur-Argens with several vehicles, before driving one of them to a secluded spot and robbing the contents.