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Is Private Aircraft travel solely for the rich and famous?
Is Private Aircraft travel prohibitively expensive?

Our answer is NO and NO!

Here at Flight Director we believe that by sharing the cost of luxury Jet or Helicopter travel, the price tag is no longer the significant factor.

Private Aircraft travel has numerous benefits including:

- convenience of regional airports
- Less time wasted for the check in process or in security and customs queues
- Personalised timings
And of course with COVID19 in mind, fewer passengers.

The team at Flight Director has over 50 years combined experience within the aviation industry. We have seen the rise of demand for commuter flights where passengers wish to reduce the time spent away from home or weekend leisure flights where passengers wish to maximise their short stay away. Regional airports can offer shorter drives, cheaper car parking, shorter queues and a more personalised service. With the convenience of direct flights to your chosen destination, the benefits are clear. Whatever your reason for travel, whether for leisure or business, Private Aircraft travel means you can do so in style! At Flight Director, we want to make your ideal flight a reality.

Find out more about Flight Director and the services they offer from their on air interview!

By sharing the cost with other like minded individuals you can collectively organise your own schedule and, if you wish to take charge of that process and be a Flight Director, you can fly for 50% off. Thats got to be a good deal, right?

Be the Flight Director and benefit from 50% reduction on your fare!

The Flight Director is the passenger whose responsibility it is to lead the process. The Flight Director will gather quotes from Operators or Brokers, communicate the information with other Jet-Poolers, ensure Jet-Pooler information is passed on to the chosen Operator or Broker and to ensure payments have been made before confirming the booking. A little effort is rewarded by a 50% discount on the Jet-Pooler share.

Jet-Pooling - What’s in it for me?

Have you ever had the desire to travel on a luxurious private aircraft? If so, have you ruled it out because it is just way too expensive? Until now, you may have been correct but we believe that becoming a Jet-Pooler opens up all kinds of exciting possibilities. There are massive inefficiencies in private aircraft travel and that’s why it is so pricey. Many of the seats on private flights are empty and in some cases, the whole aircraft is empty! By meeting, sharing and flying with likeminded people you can suddenly access opulent private flights within your grasp ............. Jet-Pooling!

Flight Director will transform you into a Jet-Pooler!
Experience flight in an aircraft and cabin environment that you may only have dreamed of.
Avoid all the hassle of getting to/from and flying to/from major airports.
Choose or create a flight plan specifically for your needs.
Meet fellow Jet-Poolers before you fly and view their profile page. Share the cost of a luxurious private aircraft. Let the Flight Director organise the flight for you.
Enjoy your exquisite voyage with your fellow Jet-Poolers who you’ve already met through our app.
Revolutionise travelling by air, become a Jet-Pooler today! It’s our pleasure to help you realise your hassle free, affordable, private aircraft dream!

Find out more…

The Flight Director app is free to download.
The Flight Director app and website are free to use.

Download our app today and visit www.flight-director.com 

Where do you want to go?

The possibilities are limitless. Users can create Flight Plans between two places almost anywhere in the world. However, we recognise that Flight Director will be more effective the more users there are, so, please spread the word. Tell your family, friends, work colleagues and your social media contacts. We believe Flight Director can reach out to anyone, anywhere.

Are there Hidden Charges?

NO! But we don’t want you to have any surprises, so…… Our app is free to download and just like our website it is free to use. When a group of passengers pay for a flight they have two options. If they organise payment amongst themselves to their flight provider, we are delighted to offer our service as completely complimentary. On the other hand, If users, for their own piece of mind, prefer to pool their payments together before paying their flight provider so to ensure all passengers in the group have paid, we can help out with that for a small charge. It’s completely their choice.