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Do you dream of a kitchen that reflects who you really are? With over 20 years experience, Aviva Cuisines can design your perfect kitchen, dressing room and tv stand to suit your budget.

Until the 4th of February, come and take advantage of up to 60 percent off!


AvivA Kitchens sells more than 17,500 kitchens per year. This allows us to negotiate our purchase prices with our various suppliers, and to offer you a win-win deal.



Our kitchens are factory-assembled, controlled and certified.

The certainty for you to benefit from a robustness and a longevity 3 times superior to that of the kit.



AvivA Cuisines' kitchens are sold at ultra competitive prices including high range household electrical equipment.



We develop your project within your budget. You define the price with us, according to the options you would like.
At AvivA Cuisines the price displayed = the price you pay.


AvivA Cuisines, 10 Avenue de Villeneuve, 06800, Cagnes sur Mer.

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