Polling stations

Date 28/04/17 09:57

Polling Stations - According to reports the fact that the two main political parties The Republicans and Socialist Party  have been disqualified from the French Presidential election means that polling stations will  have to rely on volunteers from the remaining political parties. It's the first time in French history that neither of the two main political parties are through to the second round and as a result, the organisation of the polling stations is a real headache. This is one of the unexpected consequences of this first historic round while it does not bind the future of the country for the next five years, it does somewhat complicate the organization of this presidential poll. By disqualifying the candidates of the country's two main political forces, voters have also sidelined the two largest contributors of electoral labor. Altogether, the Alpes-Maritimes department has 972 polling stations. However, it is the law,  that each one must provide a president, a secretary as well as two assessors generally provided by the political parties.