Polling station vote cancelled

Date 11/05/17 08:13

Polling Station - A polling station in Nice has had its ballot for the second round of the French Presidential election cancelled. 474 votes were cast at Joseph-Giordan polling station which reportedly failed to comply to regulations of the electoral code. According to reports Emmanuel Macron won with 58.2% of the votes cast in this office agianst 41.8% for Marine Le Pen.

Date 08/05/17 

President - Prince Albert of Monaco has congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his presidential win, saying Monaco will continue to work with France on jobs, terrorism and the continuation of European ideals.

Meanwhile abstention rates in yesterday’s presidential election were highest in the Bouche du Rhone, where in Marseilles 30% of people chose not to vote at all.

In the Var, it was a neck-in-neck race, with Emmanuel Macron eventually getting a narrow victory with just over 50% of the votes, while in the Alpes Maritimes he had a clear victory with more than 60%.

However, pollsters say Macron has not won the election on a wave of popularity, as surveys show 43% of people voted for him, just to block Le Pen.

Despite losing, it was still a record day for Marine le Pen and the National Front who are happy with their vastly increased popularity. This year, Marine Le Pen received double the number of votes her father did in the 2002 presidential election.

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