Monaco Government Update 19 July

Civil protection is one of the flagship programs of the Monegasque Cooperation which, since 2007, has allocated over €750,000 in equipment and materials to it’s partnership programme with Burkina Faso to civil protection and disaster risk there. Last week, Monaco representatives were in the country to carry out a progress report on current projects, and to identify the future orientations of the partnership. In this context, Colonel Tony Varo, Chief of the Monaco Fire Brigade, handed over materials to the National Brigade of Fire Brigade of Burkina Faso.

Almost 200 people are to be re-housed in Monaco as structural work is required to fix water-pipe problems at the Les Jardins d’Apolline complex. It’s hoped that the installation of filters will make the water safe to drink. During the work, expected to last eight to ten months, residents will be rehoused in furnished apartments.

Another huge underwater cleanup is to get underway in  in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat this weekend. The event has been organised to raise public awareness of the important presence, of marine macro-litter, and the threat it poses to the environment.

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