Monaco Government Update 07 Feb

This year’s Agora des Métiers took place last week for the students of Monaco. Students were able to have meetings and hear from professionals in the  hotel trade, the restaurant, banking and finance industries, and the health service, as well as property and building trades. Eight professionals came and talked about different sectors like yachting, or new technologies in business. The reaction from students was very positive, saying they could learn more about different careers, and that they received lots of help and advice for their course choice.

The European Travel Commission has named the principality of Monaco, as one of it’s Top 20 European destinations. Other must-visit destinations on the list include the Spanish city of Seville, Vienna in Austria and all of the Republic of Ireland. The ETC is a non-profit organisation, responsible for promoting Europe as a tourist destination, worldwide and consists of 32 member national tourism organisations that work together to build the value of tourism, to all the beautiful and diverse countries of Europe.

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