Monaco Government Update 04 Apr

The Prince’s Government has reiterated its commitment to enforce respect for the rules of the highway code and said it will fight against all forms of road incivility, which not only carry the risk of accidents but also generate nuisances likely to degrade the quality of life of residents in Monaco. According, the Government has decided to strengthen its fight by giving the Directorate of Public Security the power to an immediate immobilisation of offending vehicles for 24 hours, which can be extended to 48 hours for certain specific events, including Top Marques and the Grand Prix.

The Minister of State has opened this years Diplomatic Conference, bringing together the entire Diplomatic Corps of Monaco. A progress report on the state of negotiations between Monaco and Europe was be presented to the Ambassadors, and the conference will end with a visit to the premises of MonacoTech, the incubator / accelerator startups facility, created by the State of Monaco in partnership with Monaco Telecom.

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