Husband detained over murder

Husband detained over murder - French police have detained an IT worker whose wife was murdered while out jogging. Three months after the discovery of Alexia Daval's body, her husband was taken into custody on Monday morning. Alexia Daval, a 29-year-old bank employee, was found in a wood in October in eastern France. She had been beaten and probably strangled, before her killer set fire to her body and hid it under tree branches a few kilometres from her usual jogging route. Her husband Jonathann, said at the time that his wife had gone out running and never came back. The case shocked residents of the couple’s town, with nearly 10,000 people turning out for a silent march in her memory in November. Daval had appeared distraught and in tears, supported by his parents-in-law, reading out a tribute to his wife during the silent march.

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