French and Riviera News Wednesday 23rd August 2017


Fire - A fire has broken out in Nice. The blaze which was located east of the city near Liserons devasted 1000 m² of land on Tuesday evening before firefighters managed to put it out. 69 firefighters were at the scene the cause of the fire remains unknown.

Dead body discovered - Two kayakers have discovered a lifeless body of a woman in the river "la Guisane" in the commune of Saint-Chaffrey. The unidentified person was discovered on Tuesday morning police have launched an investigation to determine the cause of death.

Accident - A teenager has died after a car accident in Cannes on Monday night.  The 19 year-old was skateboarding across traffic at Louis Blanc junction, when he was hit by a car coming through the lights. He died of his injuries at Louis Pasteur Hospital.

Marseilles - Following this week's incident, where a mentally ill man went on a rampage in a stolen van in Marseille, the French Interior Minister has said nearly a third of the 17,000 people on the French terror watchlist, are believed to have psychiatric disorders. Terrorism experts have long warned that intense media coverage of jihadist violence could spur copycat attacks by mentally unstable individuals. The Minister said he is enlisting the help of psychiatric hospitals in identifying patients who represented a threat.

Marineland - Actress Pamela Anderson has been protesting outside ‘Marineland’ in Antibes . She is a long time campaigner against animal captivity, and was seen outside the park holding a sign saying “Captivity Kills. Close Marineland”. She said now she lives in France, she wants to be more active in the area.

Monaco - Luxury properties in Monaco are third on the latest Knight Frank Residential Index, which ranks luxury property prices in 100 countries. The top 5 locations also include Shanghai and Sydney at #1 and #2 with Singapore and Dubai at #4 and #5. Monaco made the Top Five for its desirability for investment purposes. The general view is that the Principality’s top-end properties will rise by five percent this year after rising 1 per cent last year.

Yacht - The worlds largest yacht, The Dilbar, is once more on the Riviera this week. At 156 metres, the yacht boasts 20 cabins, and carries 40 guests with a full crew of 80. It belongs to a Russian billionaire and is valued at €600m.


Labour law reforms - The French government began a final round of talks on Tuesday with trade unions and employer groups on liberalising the country's strict labour laws, taking President Emmanuel Macron a step closer to implementing one of his signature reforms. Injecting more flexibility into France's labour market was one of the central planks of Macron's election campaign, part of his bid to drive down unemployment of 9.5 percent. The former investment banker wants to give employers more power to negotiate conditions with workers at the company level, rather than being bound by industry-wide agreements negotiated by trade unions. Macron also wants to cap the compensation awarded by courts in dismissal cases.

Mc Donald’s - A small French town is fighting back against what they consider to be an "aggressive" advertising campaign by the fast food chain McDonald's. Vincent Chauvet, the mayor of Autun said he had written to McDonald's bosses to retract their marketing campaign - and planned to pass a municipal law banning it if they failed to comply. In total there were approximately 20 offending posters, each showing close-up photos of McDonald's products, including burgers, chicken nuggets, and fries. Autun, is a 2,000-year-old town in central France and is  protected as a 'City of Art and History' it is currently in the running for a Unesco World Heritage status - meaning that outdoor advertising is subject to strict regulations.


The US has imposed sanctions on a dozen Russian and Chinese companies and individuals it accuses of helping North Korea's nuclear weapons programme. It comes after the UN Security Council, including Russia and China, voted for further sanctions against Pyongyang. The US Treasury said its actions would "increase pressure" on North Korea, but the move has angered China. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, meanwhile, praised North Korea for "a level of restraint" in recent days.

And - The size of the gender pay gap in the movie industry has been laid bare in new estimates of stars' pay packets. The world's 10 best-paid actors earned a total of $488.5m (£380.5m) in the past year according to Forbes magazine. That's almost three times more than their female counterparts, who took home $172.5m (£134m) between them. Transformers star Mark Wahlberg tops the male list with $68m (£53m) - compared with $26m (£20m) for the best-paid woman, La La Land's Emma Stone.


Football – Nice lost 2-0 against Napoli in the Champions league last night and Watford lost 3-2 against Bristol City in the League Cup.

Boxing – There were chaotic scenes in Las Vegas, with Floyd Mayweather booed by unhappy fans in build-up to potentially, the most lucrative fight in boxing history. The undefeated American arrived late and was barely visible, entering amid a large entourage before being largely hidden on stage by a media scrum.

Cycling – Italy's Matteo Trentin sprinted to victory on stage four of the Vuelta a Espana as Britain's Chris Froome retained the leader's red jersey.


Partially cloudy with highs of 30 degrees in the Var and 27 degrees in the Alpes Maritimes with a moderate south westerly wind going down to 19 degrees this evening across the region. The outlook for Thursday and Friday storms are forecast inland on Thursday in the Alpes Maritimes with highs of 31 degrees. Friday clear skies and highs of 32 degrees with a light southerly wind.


A dad determined to watch football undisturbed has created an ingenious game to occupy his two kids – by seeing which could hold £5 to the wall with their nose the longest.

Jason West was tearing his hair out at the prospect of his children commandeering the TV to play Xbox games all night while his wife Lindsay was out.

Desperate to watch the football news on TV in peace, Jason devised the patience-testing game and told them the last one standing could pocket the cash.

The crafty Man United fan's scheme paid off and he was able to enjoy the football results uninterrupted. The kids stood silently with their noses to the wall - for a staggering 45 minutes!






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